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michael sanchez purse

13 Things to Know About Michael Sanchez, Suspected Bezos Leaker

When he’s not dishing on his sister, the leaky PR guy at the center of the Bezos scandal is dressing as a Chanel purse

Is Amazon Planning to Build an Actual Physical Building in L.A.?

These are the neighborhoods where a store could land

Amazon and Forever 21 in Talks to Buy American Apparel

Will the famed downtown clothing manufacturer end up in the hands of Jeff Bezos?

Here’s the Deal with Those Weird Warning Signs Showing Up All Over the City

Who is Adam, why is he angry, and what does that have to do with lightning?

Amazon’s Bosch Channels Classic Detective Noir

The second season of the series, premiering March 11, offers up clichés that are either a distraction or just part of the fun

The To-Do List: March 2016’s Most Awesome Media Digestibles

Season two of Bosch is at the top of our list

Amazon Grounds Some Hoverboards

The latest form of transportation hits a speed bump
Mark and Jay Duplass

Mark and Jay Duplass Talk Togetherness, Turning Down Marvel (or Maybe DC), and Cheating on Each Other

The brothers doled out wisdom, advice, and perhaps some secrets at a Writers Guild Foundation event Tuesday night