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The Stranger-than-Fiction History of the Integratron

Architectural historian Daniel Paul explains how a dome inspired by conversations with aliens became a desert landmark
storm area 51

Only a Handful of People Showed Up to “Raid” Area 51, but It Still Got Weird

About 100 alien enthusiasts—and a whole bunch of reporters—traveled to Nevada to see how an internet joke would play out IRL
la county fair 2018

Some Very Weird Things We Saw at the L.A. County Fair

Quirky competitions, improbable sales pitches, and more

Scientists Have Identified More Than 100 New Planets That Could Be Home to Aliens

And they’ve released their data so you can search for extraterrestrial life, too

Counter Programming: RZA Wants to Discuss his Favorite Kung Fu Flick

Your guide to the best indie films of the weekend—popcorn not included