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marianne williamson a course in miracles

In the ’80s, Marianne Williamson Taught a “Course in Miracles” in Los Feliz

A look back at the presidential candidate’s search for the divine at Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society
jack parsons strange angel 1935

A Forgotten Pasadena Rocket Scientist and Occultist Inspired a New TV Show

Strange Angel chronicles the life of Jack Parsons, a man caught between science and the occult

Last Call: Don’t Miss Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman

Closing January 18, MOCA’s dazzlingly intimate exhibition recuperates the magical and sexy artwork of Cameron, dark, unsung heroine of the L.A. underground

Cameron, L.A.’s Witchiest Woman, Gets a MOCA Retrospective

A holy guardian angel meets her match in mid-20th century L.A.

CityDig: The Dammed Past of Devil’s Gate

In prehistoric times, the granitic crag in Pasadena known as Devil’s Gate was not a gate at all but a natural dam

Podcast Preview: The Black Magic of Aleister Crowley

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, Richard and Kim talk with Craig Berry of the Star Sapphire Lodge, who explains the mystical occultist behind the Law of Thelema