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St. Patrick’s Revenge: How Irish Whiskey Replaced Scotch as the Hot-Shot Tipple

Forget snooty scotches—Irish whiskey is the spirit du jour. It takes only a wee dram of today’s refined single malts to discover why

New Psilocybin Study Shows the Psychedelic Helps Fight Alcoholism

“It made alcohol irrelevant and uninteresting to me,” says one of the participants in the double-blind randomized clinical trial
hard seltzer

7 Hard Seltzers to Try Before #WhiteClawSummer Is Over

There's a whole world of fizzy, gluten-free drunk juice that goes beyond the memes
Oscar Goodman at Mob Museum

Celebrate Repeal Day, Las Vegas-Style

Sin City is still toasting Prohibition’s end, 81 years later

Why Did I Do That?

You may not remember last night, but your body does. Ease your hangover with the original meal-as-medicine .

Brunch Finder: So You’re Feeling Boozy

When the party starts early (or maybe it never stopped).

Bloody Mary, Quite Contrary

Is it a drink or a meal? The city’s most outrageous Bloody Marys

Going Bottomless: The Big Business of Brunch Boozing

For us serious drinkers, brunch is another excuse to drink.