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Compton Mayor Aja Brown Will Not Seek Reelection

After leading the city for seven years, Mayor Brown says she will be looking for new ways to serve the community

15 Other Things Straight Outta Compton

Get to know the city N.W.A. made world-famous

Two ’90s-Era Hip Hop Films Revive L.A.’s Rap Glory Days

Straight Outta Compton and Dope recall a time when west was best

Making LA Conference

The Design East of La Brea collective presents a day of discussions about socially aware architecture and design

A Different Tune: Three L.A.-Boosting Song Lyrics

Last month, we spoke with Compton mayor Aja Brown about her hopes of dispelling the city’s N.W.A.-era image. To kick things off, we tracked down three ditties with an upbeat take on L.A. that may be worth a listen

Aja Brown: Compton is The New Brooklyn

The Hub City's new 31-year-old mayor on why Compton's ready for a renaissance and what she's doing to make it happen