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airbnb rules short term rental rules los angeles

Crowds, Noise, Murder: Are L.A.’s Lux Short-Term Rentals Worth the Cost?

Short-stay rentals let you live like the rich and fab for a day, but they can also bring crime and chaos to the toniest L.A. burbs

New Docuseries to Spotlight Airbnb’s Elite Nightmare Response Team

The elite ”safety agents” that clean up after Airbnb horror stories and keep it all out of the press are the focus of the series

How Airbnb Is Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Temporary Housing

Airbnb is using their nonprofit organization to provide a place to stay for Ukrainian refugees with the help of Hosts and donors.

Airbnb Is Putting A Stop to Those Secret New Year’s Eve Parties

The vacation rental platform said their restrictions are aimed at protecting its hosts and minimizing neighborhood disruption
airbnb regulation

Airbnb Says It Won’t Let Landlords Cash In on a Potential Plague of Evictions

A new policy would keep landlords from listing properties where a tenant was booted for failing to pay rent
airbnb regulation

L.A. and Airbnb Have Finally Figured Out a Way to Enforce Short-Term Rental Rules

They've reportedly already eliminated upward of a thousand listings that were out of compliance
airbnb refund travel

Airbnb May Now Refund Some Travelers’ Coachella Bookings

The booking platform had drawn criticism for hesitating to release coronavirus-concerned travelers from their reservations
airbnb rules short term rental rules los angeles

L.A. Will Finally Start Enforcing its Airbnb Rules—Here’s What You Need to Know

The city’s new Home-Sharing Ordinance went into effect in July, but enforcement starts November 1
airbnb luxe bellagio grand most expensive airbnb

Peek Inside the Bel-Air Mansion on Airbnb for $21,053 a Night

Airbnb is leaning in on the trend for ultra-luxe rentals