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Trump Supporters Crash an Armenian Genocide Town Hall to Confront Adam Schiff

Protesters carrying 'Don't Impeach' signs and Trump flags caused an uproar at an event attended by the L.A. congressman
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Internet Trolls Are Peddling a Poorly Faked Photo of Adam Schiff and Jeffrey Epstein

Creeps in the internet's darkest corners keep coming up with wild ways to smear the California Rep leading the impeachment hearings
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Devin Nunes Is Blaming Trump’s Troubles on a “Media Smear Campaign”

The Fresno congressman known for suing parody cows opened the impeachment hearings with a rant about Dems and the media

Adam Schiff Is Ready to Rumble

The mild-mannered, vegan congressman from Burbank has become the GOP’s worst nightmare—but is he tough enough to take on the Trump smear machine?
armenian genocide

The U.S. Will Finally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

"We will not be party to genocide denial. We will not be silent. We will never forget," Rep. Adam Schiff said
moby trump whistle blower

How Moby Reportedly Played a Role in an Unfolding Trump-Whistleblower Story

The musician-restaurateur makes a cameo in a big New York Times article
mueller hearing adam schiff opening statement

Adam Schiff Is Donald Trump’s Enemy No. 1 Now More Than Ever

Amid the impeachment inquiry, Republicans are getting desperate to discredit the House Intelligence Committee chairman
mueller hearing adam schiff opening statement

At Mueller Hearing, Adam Schiff Attacks Trump’s “Lies” and “Disloyalty to Country”

The congressman says, "Worse than all the lies and the greed, is the disloyalty to country"
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The L.A. LGBT Center’s New Campus Is Like a Miniature Queer City

The organization's sprawling new digs bring a senior center, homeless housing, and more to Hollywood
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Mild-Mannered Congressman Adam Schiff Has Become the Right’s Favorite Target

Burbank's man on the Hill was blindsided by his Republican colleagues this morning