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The Academy Museum Is Restoring This 1939 Mid-Wilshire Landmark

Here's what's happening at Wilshire and Fairfax

The Actors Who Voiced Bambi and Thumper Will Reunite for the Film’s 75th Anniversary

They were 7 years old when they brought the classic Disney characters to life, a fact that one of them hid for decades

The Oscar Statue Gets a Makeover

The new Academy Award has sharper eyes, a more defined mouth, and it looks like he's been working out.

The Last Full-Scale Model of Jaws Is Headed for the Academy Museum

The 25-foot long creature will relocate from a valley junkyard

Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, and All the Other Badass Ladies at the Suffragette Premiere

The L.A. premiere presented a light party for a heavy subject

Celebrate Home Movie Day With a Visit To Disneyland

The Academy screens vintage Disneyland films by Harold Lloyd, Steve McQueen, and regular tourists

What’s That Building? Retro Gallery on La Brea

The Story Behind This Vintage Store and Their Vintage Structure

By the Numbers: Breaking Down Rose Byrne’s Bridesmaids Dress

Costume designer Leesa Evans shares how she stitched a classic

Movie Museum Plans to Chop Landmark May Co. Building

What’s going to fall for the ball?