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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Where to Watch the Oscars

Searching for a place to hedge bets and celebrate the Academy Awards in style? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of spots for cinephiles to party--Hollywood style.

Spotlight on Oscar Docs: “The Invisible War”

Documentarian Kirby Dick's latest project, on rape in the military, could take home Best Documentary on Sunday. But a nod from the Academy was hardly Dick's primary objective in making the wrenching film.

Forget The Odds. These Are The Oscar Stats That Count

With everyone from E! hosts to gambling web sites rattling off numbers like it’s Moneyball—a 40-to-1 loser last year, by the way—we’ve come up with a few figures you may need to know by February 24.

Oscar Travesties: Past Snubs Rear Their Ugly Heads

From Martin Scorsese not winning an Oscar until The Departed to the fact that American Beauty received one at all, Grantland breaks down the Academy’s worst moments – in brackets.

The Oscars, the Pop Art Edition

The designers over at Shutterstock have taken the time to mock up pop art posters for the Academy Award Best Picture nominees.

Spotlight on Oscar Docs: “Searching for Sugar Man”

In the late 1960's, a second-generation Mexican day laborer named Sixto Díaz Rodriguez released two albums before he was dropped by his label and, ostensibly, dropped off the face of the earth.

Beasts of the Southern Wild Now Back in Theaters

After earning four Oscar nominations, Benh Zeitlin’s powerhouse indie drama Beasts of the Southern Wild will be storming its way back into theaters starting today.

*Fresh Guacamole* Gets an Oscar Nomination; Q&A with the Local Filmmaker Behind It

This stop-motion animated short film reminds us that it's entirely appropriate to play with our food.

Oscar Nominations 2013: Shafted and Drafted

The nominations for the 2013 Oscars were announced this morning by Seth MacFarlane. There were few surprises but plenty of snubs.

Role Playing: An Award Season Chit Chat Cheat Sheet

It’s awards season. Forget “Who are you wearing?” The real convo sparker is “You shoulda won for...”