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Oscars Fashion: Ballgowns Are Back and Ivory is the New Black

The 2023 Oscars were so much improved compared to the last two. And that goes for the red carpet as well.

2023 Oscars Inclusion List Reveals Academy’s Dreadful Level of Representation

LAMag spoke to both the physicists and advocates trying to cast some light on the Oscars’ ongoing diversity problem

Film Fatales Founder’s Magical Thinking Flips Hollywood’s Script

Leah Meyerhoff sat with LAMag ahead of this year’s already bleak-for-women Oscars ceremony to discuss filmmaking unicorns and outsiders crashing into her pathological optimism

As The Oscars Reach a Crossroads, Here’s Who Should Win (But Probably Won’t)

While the Academy battles to restore its awards relevance, our critic parses a slate of nominees both worthy and woebegone
Lady Gaga Red carpet

Red Carpet Baggers: 20 Years of Oscar Night Do’s and Don’ts

From Gwyneyth's godawful goth to Zoë's sheer strapless Saint Laurent, here are some of the hits and horrors on Hollywood’s biggest night

Andrea Riseborough Keeps Oscar Nom After Divisive Academy ‘Review’

The Academy thought it would “investigate" how Andrea Riseborough got an Oscar nom without spending a fortune, and massive blowback ensued

Meet the Oscars’ New Boss

Bill Kramer, the motion picture Academy’s latest CEO, inherits an organization desperate for fresh direction. Can he cut to the chase?

Will Smith Oscars Mystery: Was He Told to Leave or Not?

While accounts vary as to whether Will Smith was asked leave the Oscars after slapping Chris Rock none agree with the Academy's version

Academy Says Will Smith Was Asked to Leave Oscars But He Refused

The Board of Governors have begun official disciplinary proceedings

The Academy ‘Condemns’ Will Smith in Oscars Postmortem

Meanwhile, an industry source says Oscars bosses seriously considered tossing Smith from the ceremony