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Newsom Trolls Texas Abortion Bounty Law in Lone Star News Ads

Gavin Newsom is attacking Tex Gov. Abbott and that state’s abortion laws in local papers, almost as if he has national ambitions

Newsom Signs Legislation Allowing Citizens to Sue Gun Manufacturers

The governor said he believes the law will be safe from Supreme Court action because of its similarity to Texas’ abortion legislation
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Way Too Late, YouTube Will Remove Dangerous Anti-Abortion Propaganda

SCOTUS warned it was done with women's rights months ago, codified it weeks ago, and now YouTube says it will deal with its anti-choice thugs

California OB-GYN Doctor Floats Plan for Abortions at Sea

Dr. Meg Autry, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UCSF, is in the fundraising stage of a project to serve women along the Gulf Coast

‘Blood’ Spills, 4 Women Arrested at Downtown L.A. Abortion Protest

A river of fake blood spilled down the steps of City Hall as RiseUp4AbortionRights staged the protest on Wednesday morning.

Halsey Says Good Riddance After Anti-Abortion Fans Ditch Concert

“If you don’t like it, I don’t know why you came to a Halsey concert," the musician told concertgoers upset by her views on abortion rights
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Experts Gather for UCLA Law Talk on the Future of Reproductive Rights

With Roe v. Wade gone, law professors and activists discussed potential ways to combat this and further attacks on women's rights

Violence Against Abortion Clinics Skyrocketed in 2021

Stalking threats have spiked 600 percent while assault-and-batteries soared 128 percent, and abortion providers say they know who's to blame

Roe v. Wade Decision: Twitter Can’t Believe this Crap Either

Words may hardly express the outrage and grief millions of Americans are feeling now that Roe v. Wade has been stricken, but these come close

‘I Don’t Have Any Agenda’: Tall Tales Anti-Abortion Justices Told Senate

Justices Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett all responded artfully to questions about abortion being established law