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In War on GOP, Newsom Buys Billboards, Demands Debate, Calls for Feds

Gov. Gavin Newsom and his southern counterparts dialed up fresh, hot salvos in their forever war culture campaigns

Report: Fear of Promiscuity Could Be Fueling Anti-Abortion Sentiment

UCLA‘s Dr. Martie Haselton says research indicates a connection between the mating strategies of anti-abortion activists and their beliefs
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Studios Inch Forward on Abortion Protection, Showrunner Group Reports

With no public response from the studios by deadline, the coalition says it's hoping to get something done behind the scenes

Amid Abortion Rights Outrage, Board of Supervisors Candidate Lindsey Horvath’s Past Remarks Draw Scrutiny

The women’s reproductive freedom advocate, now running for a major L.A. County office, says she believes life begins at conception
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Daily Brief: LAUSD Drops Covid Restrictions; San Clemente Could Ban Abortion

Also, do we think Jake Gyllenhaal is tough enough to fill the big burly boots of Patrick Swayze in the upcoming 'Road House' remake.
anti choice abortion march for life delgado abortion reversal

San Clemente City Council Considers Banning Abortion

Planned Parenthood, a prime target of the proposed resolution, is mobilizing opposition, and has a powerful ally in Mayor Gene James

Disney, Comcast NBCUni, Apple and Sony Back Respect for Marriage Act

The industry players are among 173 companies that signed a letter to senators supporting a federal law to protect same-sex marriage

Daily Brief: Seligman Alleges Culture of “Sexual Battery” In City Hall

Also, TV creators fight to ensure networks will provide an "Abortion Safety Plan" for employees in anti-abortion states.

400 Top TV Creators Demand ‘Abortion Safety Plan’ from Networks

Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes and Natasha Lyonne are among the signers of a letter demanding employee protection in anti-abortion states

Newsom Trolls Texas Abortion Bounty Law in Lone Star News Ads

Gavin Newsom is attacking Tex Gov. Abbott and that state’s abortion laws in local papers, almost as if he has national ambitions