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A Walker in L.A.: Our Streets After Dark

Nighttime is one of the best times to explore the city on foot

A Walker in L.A.: The Best Smelling Stop Sign in Los Angeles

Seeing the city from the ground up

A Walker in L.A.: A Colorful Return

Discovering Charles D. Kratka's murals beneath the terminals of LAX

A Walker in L.A.: Welcome to Cypress Park

When you walk or bike enough in L.A. you start to learn entirely new neighborhoods—or at least the proper name and definition of them.

This Month, L.A. is For Walkers

For "Walktober," pedestrian advocates all over the country are celebrating walking in their cities.

A Walker in L.A.: Stairway to History

Some of the best Los Angeles houses are blissfully inaccessible to cars. These are the homes located on the alleys, walking streets, and—in a particular wedge of the city—the stair streets that lace through the hillsides.

A Walker in L.A.: Signs of Love

There's something I see often on the streets of L.A. that usually stops me in my tracks: witty, civilian-made changes to the existing infrastructural landscape.

A Walker in L.A.: I’m Lovin’ It

Proof it is possible to find beauty in the seating outside of a McDonald's

A Walker in L.A.: Lincoln Park’s Lasting Impression

To celebrate Los Angeles' birthday, a group of descendants of the city's founding families led a walk from the San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo downtown. Here's one scene from the stroll

A Walker In L.A.: Tunnel Vision

Seeing the city from the ground (or in this case, below it) up