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A Walker in L.A.: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Broadway has been bustling for years

A Walker in L.A.: #ClimateBrag

Sorry, Middle America, it’s just really nice out here

A Walker in L.A.: New Year, Old Buildings

Despite so much newness, there are aging, overlooked corners of the city with secret, unknown pasts all around

A Walker in L.A.: Block it Out

The mulled wine was nice, but gathering the neighbors for a mini house tour around Silver Lake led to an even greater gift

A Walker in L.A: The City In Lights

Los Angeles is extra lovely decked in hues of red, green, blue, and white

A Walker in L.A.: Discovered in Hollywood

Where to spot tourists in their natural habitat.

A Walker in L.A.: Best in State

Sorry, San Fran, West Hollywood has been ranked the Most Walkable City in California

A Walker in L.A.: The City’s Most Colorful Residents

Why it’s not unusual to spot peacocks crossing the road

A Walker in L.A.: Reading the Signs

Forget billboards—it’s the city’s smallest street ads that lead to real discovery

A Walker in L.A.: Alley Girl

Exploring the reclaimed back passageways of Old Pasadena