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A Walker in L.A.: Headed Nowhere

Finding and crossing the Bridge to Nowhere in the Angeles National Forest

A Walker in L.A.: On Broadway

What one seriously improved block says about the future of downtown

A Walker in L.A.: Take Me to the River

You don't have to go to the beach to dip a toe in the water

A Walker in L.A.: Where the Streets Have No Shame

L.A. boulevards welcome nothing but cars, though that might soon change

A Walker in L.A.: Stairway to Heaven

There are so many not-so-secret passageways in L.A. just waiting to be discovered

A Walker in L.A.: The Violet Hour

The jacarandas are in bloom for our delight—or dismay

A Walker in L.A.: Station Agent

Don't forget to wish L.A.'s historic train depot a happy birthday

A Walker in L.A.: Into the Wild

A handful of homeowners are lettling their lawns grow naturally, and it's beautiful to behold

A Walker in L.A.: Heels on Wheels

Is it cheating to talk about biking for a change?

A Walker in L.A.: Cross Purposes

New crosswalks are a sign the city is being friendlier to pedestrians