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Exploring L.A. at a Stroller’s Pace

Our Walker in L.A. columnist signs off—for now

This Hollywood Pawn Broker is Selling Jewelry and the California Dream

The sun has been shining here for a long, long time

A Former Pacific Railway Depot Is Hiding Behind a Construction Fence in North Hollywood

This year’s Great Los Angeles Walk provides a look at our city’s transportation history—to those who are looking

New York vs. L.A.: Is Our City a Better Place for Women to Walk? Check Out Our Experiment

Inspired by the recent viral video, Alissa Walker does her own two-week walking tour to see if street harassment is as bad in L.A. as it looks in New York

Beauty and the Salon

Celebrating the quirky good looks of a pink parlour in East L.A.

A Utilitarian Treasure

Alissa Walker uncovers the secret history of this Eagle Rock sign post

1950s L.A. is Alive in Hollywood’s Spaulding Square

How Alissa Walker stepped back in time with one wrong turn

Ecstasy in the 2nd Street Tunnel

Booming bass, bike bells, shrieks of joy, and other highlights from Alissa Walker’s journey downtown

This Arched Expo Could Forever Change the Anaheim Freeway

A sneak peek of ARTIC, Orange County’s new high-speed rail station