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CIA Kills al-Qaida Leader al-Zawahri in Drone Missile Obliteration

President Biden on Monday revealed the annihilation of the al-Qaida leader who helped plot 9/11, and Afghanistan is objecting

988 is the New Number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Starting Saturday, a new dialing code will help separate police from mental health matters in an attempt to limit deadly interactions

L.A. Councilman Proposes Making Racially Biased 911 Calls Illegal

Councilman Curren Price cited the case of ’Central Park Karen’ Amy Cooper when he introduced the legislation

CityDig: How the U.S. Bank Tower Was Almost Targeted on 9/11

As Los Angeles mourned with the rest of the nation in the wake of the attacks, anxiety was high—and not without reason

7 Things You Wanted to Know About Thomas Pynchon’s New Novel but Were Afraid to Ask

Welcome to the spring of 2001 and the waning days of unbridled dotcom imperialism, the landscape for Thomas Pynchon's new novel, "Bleeding Edge."

Pepperdine University Commemorates 9/11 With 3,000 American Flags

The Malibu university honors each victim of the terrorist attack in a heart-rending display, plus other commemorative events taking place across the city