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No. 57: Patina

In its 25-year history, Joachim Splichal’s fine-dining flagship has swapped chefs and rehabilitated its look a number of times

No. 56: Ray’s and Stark Bar

A low-slung room with a broad patio, the Renzo Piano-designed space is a light-filled showcase for Kris Morningstar’s big-flavored technique

No. 55: Lotería Grill

Jimmy Shaw was pumping the idea of authenticity a decade before it was hip

No. 54: Crossroads

White-tablecloth vegan—it was bound to happen

No. 53: Park’s BBQ

There’s Korean barbecue and then there’s Park’s, an unremarkable-looking space where the tables are covered with enough heavily marbled slices of beef to make a butcher weep

No. 52: Farmshop

Tucked into a corner of the Brentwood Country Mart, that barnlike evocation of Americana, Farmshop has something for every time of day

No. 51: Josie

At Josie you might think you’re in someone’s very civilized dining room, but it’s the setting for Josie Le Balch’s evolved California-bistro fare

No. 50: Bar Amá

With a swirl of curiously viscous cheese dip and a lime chaser, Josef Centeno brings the flavors of his Texas heritage to 4th and Main

No. 49: Bouchon

Thomas Keller's gospel of perfectionism has trickled down to his sole Los Angeles outpost, which executes his vision of a chic, upscale bistro

No. 48: A-Frame

The cult of Roy Choi is impossible to resist