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No. 67: Milo & Olive

Zoe Nathan’s pies—like those of another L.A. pizza queen—are more reminiscent of artisan bread than anything Naples could brag about

No. 66: Petty Cash

The cooking at this boisterous Tijuana-inspired taquería can be as subtle as a sledgehammer

No. 65: Fig

Native Angeleno Ray Garcia imbues what could be just another hotel restaurant with a sense of place

No. 64: L&E Oyster Bar

One could credit the success of L&E Oyster Bar to the law of supply and demand

No. 63: L.A. Chapter

Behind the good looks of Ken Addington’s and Micah Fields’s dishes lies ambition

No. 62: Tavern

It’s the newest of Suzanne Goin’s fine-dining establishments, but it feels like her most timeless

No. 61: Barbrix

Chef Don Dickman rode L.A.’s first small-plates wave; the seeming lack of affectation in his Mediterranean menu bears the stamp of maturity

No. 60: Superba Snack Bar

Take comfort in Jason Neroni’s brawny house-made pastas, such as squid ink chitarra

No. 59: La Casita Mexicana

While La Casita Mexicana was always groundbreaking—placing gastronomy on the Huntington Park-Lynwood axis—it is now a benchmark

No. 58: Joe’s Restaurant

Wood beamed and filled with modern art, Joe’s has been true to its ingredient-driven vision since 1991