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Event Alert! May 27 Social Hour with Suzanne Goin and Jessica Koslow

A.O.C. will host the collaborative feast honoring the May issue's "75 Best Restaurants in L.A."

The 75 Best Restaurants in L.A.

After sampling the better part of Los Angeles鈥檚 20,000 or so bistros, gastropubs, and grand halls of fine dining, the only thing swelling more than our bellies is our pride. This is one tasty town. Here, in ascending order, are our picks for where to dine now

No. 75: Gorge

The dream of two friends who met while learning to cook in Paris, Gorge manages to be at once on the Sunset Strip and off the beaten track

No. 74: Raci贸n

Raci贸n juts out from among Pasadena鈥檚 sea of corporate food halls like the Iberian Peninsula

No. 73: The Hungry Cat

David Lentz grew up sailing the Chesapeake, and his cooking has an unstudied exactitude that comes from dealing with impeccable seafood

No. 72: Black Market Liquor Bar

Most nights it seems as if half the Valley is here, huddled at the bar for a peaty scotch cocktail or squeezed into a booth for a bowl of fennel-perfumed mussels

No. 71: Papilles

The retro-cool French bistronomie movement that鈥檚 sweeping Paris may be the lodestar of Papilles, but the restaurant renders a very L.A. interpretation

No. 70: Connie & Ted’s

Good things happen when a Michelin-starred chef turns his attention to the food of the hoi polloi

No. 69: Saddle Peak Lodge

Hemingway was here. Or at least that鈥檚 what the log interior, taxidermy, roaring fire, and menu of wild game seem to imply

No. 68: Water Grill

Chef Damon Gordon knows just how to make everything shine