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Classic Yelp Reviews of L.A. Freeways, Part I

Shockingly, they’re not all bad

Activists Shut Down the 405 for “Black Christmas”

Southbound lanes in Westchester were blocked for 15 minutes

The Price Tag of the 405 Widening Just Jumped to $1.3 Billion

When all is said and done, the cost could climb another $400 million

Is Traffic Actually Improving on the 405?

The latest study suggests the insufferable Sepulveda Pass project may have reaped benefits
405 Expansion

Long Beach Is Ready to Battle the O.C. Over a 405 Expansion

LBC is not having Orange County's plan to widen the freeway

Was the 405 Project a Failure? Let’s Ask Twitter

The nation's busiest freeway takes a beating on social media

Bel-Air Parties Over the End of the 405 Project

"They're never going to proclaim it over and we so badly needed a party."