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coronavirus questions

Congrats. You Just Lived Through One of the Most Stressful Years in History

Historians from renowned universities say 2020 was historically terrible (but also not the worst)
2020 good things

10 Things that Made 2020 a Little Less Terrible

From drive-ins to clever chefs to big-time voter turnout, Angelenos had at least a few things to celebrate this year
covid-19 2020

A Month-by-Month Look at How L.A. Wrestled with Its Greatest Crisis Ever

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic went from being a distant threat to the thing that defined our year—and turned the city upside down
2020 year in politics

A Look Back at a Roller Coaster of a Year in L.A. Politics

In 2020, the halls of power were dominated by big fights, big surprises, and the mother of all federal investigations

How an Adorable, Grinning Dumpster Fire Became a Symbol for 2020

It was quite a year for an L.A.-based artist's small, smiling trash bin
tulsi gabbard niko house

Some Tulsi Gabbard Supporters Are Becoming a Problem for Her Campaign

The Hawaii Rep and presidential hopeful has attracted a motley group of enthusiasts, and they've started making news
andrew yang alt-right president

Alt-Right Fanboys Are Crushing on This Democratic Presidential Candidate

Andrew Yang became popular with an unsavory demographic. He's not thrilled about it.