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democratic debate candidates 2020

All the Key Moments of the Democratic Debate–According to Twitter

It’s cool if you didn’t watch–the internet watched for you
duncan hunter doj indictment corruption affairs

Duncan Hunter Illegally Used Campaign Funds for “Intimate” Affairs, DoJ Filings Allege

Today’s filing comes shortly after his wife agreeing to testify against him
kamala harris losing support

What Happened to Kamala’s Campaign Momentum?

A candidate who once seemed like a solid bet has slipped into the second tier
2020 campaign candidates favorite music beto orouke kamala harris mayor pete cory booker election

What the 2020 Candidates Listen to, Read, and Watch

Beto rocks out to Fugazi, Amy loves Tom Wolfe, and Julián never skips “The Breakfast Club”
Cory Booker Hollywood Fundraiser

Cory Booker, Who Is Definitely Still Running for President, Will Make a Trip to L.A.

He’s hoping to close a growing fundraising (and enthusiasm) gap
trump fundraiser los angeles

Trump Returns to L.A. This Week to Fundraise for 2020

Supporters will pay up to $150,000 to attend
trump traffic mueller report 2020 donald trump

No Matter What’s in the Mueller Report, It Won’t Make a Difference in 2020

Attorney General Barr will release a redacted version of the report, but Dems would be wise to just move on politically
howard schultz live talks los angeles

Starbucks Billionaire Howard Schultz Is Surprised People Have Reacted Poorly to His Potential Bid for Prez

The "person of wealth" and likely presidential hopeful packed a Santa Monica auditorium on Thursday