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Afternoon Cram: Split Decisions

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines

We Hate to Break It To You, But “Top Chef” is Just a TV Show

Why reality television should not be looked upon as a guide to great cooking

Buyer’s Market

Flush with foreign capital, L.A. has become a hot spot for Chinese investors

Sassafras: Southern Hospitality, Hollywood Style

Spin the roulette wheel at the newish New Orleans-themed watering hole for a chance to sip your drinks for free.

Ask Chris: Fault and Pepper

Q: I’ve noticed a lot of peppertrees in Southern California. Are they a native species?

Quick Take: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Why should you care? The indie film is already on most Top 10 Movies of the Year lists. Also, it's really good.

Afternoon Cram: Hef is Getting Hitched!

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines.

Puppet Master

L.A.’s celebrated Bob Baker Marionette Theater is hanging by a string. After half a century, this may be its final Nutcracker.


While most other ski towns lead with the photogenic brick-and-cedar skeletons of their former mining days, Mammoth Lakes, a city of more recent vintage, is known first—and only—for its terrain.