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1984 olympics food

How the 1984 Olympics Defined California Cuisine in the Eyes of the World

The food program at the '84 Olympics established L.A.'s culinary reputation—and changed the face of food at future Games
the biggest arms in the world

The Rise and Fall of Bill Pettis, the Man With the ‘Biggest Arms in the World’

Other Gold’s Gym icons parlayed their physiques into fame and fortune. Bill Pettis took a different route—one that landed him on the Venice Boardwalk

Stadium City

Smaller cities might have struggled to accommodate the 23 sports of the 1984 Summer Olympics, but not Los Angeles

How L.A. Stuck the 1984 Olympics

The time was ripe for Reaganomics and newfound local pride

Deborah Sussman

The designer painted the town red—and magenta and purple and yellow and teal—in 1984

CityDig: See an Event Map from L.A.’s 1984 Olympics

This map that shows L.A. during one of the more magical times in our history