The Songs of L.A. Summer: A Local Hangout-Inspired Mixtape By Dublab

Mark “Frosty” McNeill, Dublab cofounder, offers the DJ collective’s party playlist inspired by its favorite summer hangouts

Song: The Beach Boys “Vega-Tables”
Location: Farmers Market on Fairfax
“Cultures collide at the Farmers Market. Listen to this song on a summertime lunch break—it provides the perfect backdrop to L.A.’s diversity.”

Song: Ariel Pink “Life in L.A.”
Location: York Boulevard in Highland Park
“This is great background music for hopping between coffeehouses, galleries, and record stores.”

Song: DaM-FunK “LAtrifying”
Location: South L.A.
“This is your Fourth of July anthem. Loop it during a fireworks display.”

Song: Mia Doi Todd “River of Life—The Yes Song”
Location: L.A. River
“Hang out here on a warm summer morning. Mia Doi Todd’s voice will soothe you like honey.”

Song: Further “California Bummer”
Location: Griffith Observatory
“Further is an underground local band. Throw this on while you take in the view.”

Song: Beck “Blackhole”
Location: Silver Lake Reservoir
“This Beck classic complements a summertime walk. Put it on Repeat and watch the sunset.”

Song: Jonti “Saturday Night”
Location: Tiki-Ti
“It’s weird wearing headphones to a bar, but do it anyway while sipping on a Blood and Sand cocktail as the ukulele does its thing.”

Song: DJ Lengua “La Jungla”
Location: Downtown L.A.
“Play this track while you cruise down Broadway on a hot afternoon. The raw rhythms actually feel like summer.”

Song: Teebs “Cecilia Tapes #5”
Location: Santa Monica Pier
“Listen to this dreamy remix while riding the Looff Hippodrome Carousel. It’s the perfect antidote
to a day spent under the vicious sun.”

This feature originally appeared in the June 2013 issue of Los Angeles magazine