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Ted Lasso' Rebecca, Zava and Rupert

“Ted Lasso” Season 3 Translated: Rupert Is Chelsea’s Todd Boehly

Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 3 shows that L.A. Dodgers owner Todd Boehly is the closest the Premier League has to a Rupert or Rebecca
Danny Masterson walking from a courthouse wearing shades and a suit.

Judge Rules Scientology Evidence Allowed in Danny Masterson’s Retrial on Rape Charges

Jury selection is now slated to begin on April 17 and two new witnesses will be allowed to testify about ”bad acts” allegations

Mariah Carey and Megan Thee Stallion Booked to Headline L.A. Pride in the Park

On Tuesday, it was announced that the annual Pride L.A. multi-stage festival will feature the two Grammy-winning artists

“Deinfluencing” Takes Off On TikTok—But Will The Trend Change Anything?

Consumers frustrated by inauthentic product demonstrations and users hawking bad products are leading a movement that one industry insider says is beneficial and necessary

Jury in City Councilman’s Corruption Trial Seeks Clarity on Testimony of Defense’s Witness

The elections expert told the court that a $100,000 money transfer from suspended politician Mark Ridley-Thomas to USC was entirely legal

The Cult of Keanu: How True Believers Drove the “John Wick” Franchise to Wild...

Pushing 60—Whoaa!—Reeves’s strangely enduring stardom is as powerful as ever, especially with yet another John Wick flick in theaters

The To-Do List: 15 Must-Add Events For Your April Social Schedule

From princely fairy tales to the prince of darkness, here’s our roundup of the best cultural activities in L.A.
Gajin Fujita

Gajin Fujita’s New Solo Show at L.A. Louver Is Also His Pandemic Diary

The renowned artist Gajin Fujita's show, True Colors, is personal, political and filled with metaphor.

15 Minutes with Jodie Turner-Smith

The British actress talks to LAMag about “Murder Mystery 2”, “White Noise” and her love for Erewhon Market