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Devin Nunes Will Exit Congress to Report for Trump Duty

He announced Monday he will be resigning his seat to take job as CEO of the new Trump Media and Technology Group

Why is the Term ‘Latinx’ Such a Loser Among Hispanic Voters?

The phrase might be the bee’s knees to far-left activists but many Americans of Latin descent think it stinks.

It’s One Final Hair-Raising Show in L.A. for Michael Butler

The legendary impresario who launched the scandalous '60s musical unveils his last production of the show in the valley

The Story Behind How Library Cats Came to the Rescue of L.A.’s Kitties

“People have called us crazy cat ladies or even witches, because nearly all the cats are black," one volunteer tells LA Mag

Daily Brief: Term Latinx Is Epic Fail According to New Poll; RIP Staples Center

Plus, new chilling details in the case of California couple who likely died trying to save baby

George Gascon Survived A Recall But Can His Reformist Agenda Survive A Crime Wave

Los Angeles County District Attorney's policies are under the microscope following the shocking home invasion murder of Jackie Avant

Peter Jackson’s ‘Get Back’ Misses the Greatest Parts of the Beatles’ Story

There's plenty of documentaries to learn the origins of the Fab Four, but this Disney+ version is not one of them.

Hollywood Brief: A Spielberg Exit Plan? COVID and the Movies

Plus, guest columnist Jeff Sneider on why "Child's Play" series "Chucky" is one of the best shows on TV