Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Visit Palm Springs

We’re heading into Fall, and Palm Springs is the perfect spot to getaway and enjoy a perfect vacation.

We’re heading into Fall, and Palm Springs is the perfect spot to getaway and enjoy a perfect vacation. From mid-century modern architecture, to the walk of stars in bustling downtown, to incredible pools to relax and rejuvenate, plan your escape today.

Take a Self-Guided Tour of Palm Springs Architecture

Palm Springs has the largest concentration of preserved mid-century modern architecture in the world. Visionary architects came to Palm Springs and brought their own spin on Bauhaus and the International Style, reworking it for the desert environment. This is celebrated every year during Modernism Week. Let’s explore the architecture through the neighborhoods. Stop at the Palm Springs Visitor Center and pick up a self-guided architecture tour map.

What is Desert Modernism?

Desert Modernism is an interpretation of the Modernist or International Style, tailored to suit the Palm Springs indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  People flocked to Palm Springs for the stunning fall/winter weather and wanted to spend their time outdoors. Desert Modernism is recognizable by its minimalist clean lines and the seamless blur of indoor and outdoor space. Rooflines are often flat or butterfly-wing v-shapes. Floor plans were open with lots of windows and sliding glass doors that bring the outside in. Beautiful breeze blocks temper the desert heat.

Step Up in Downtown Palm Springs

You don’t need to be a mountaineer to enjoy a heightened perspective. Sometimes, the best views are as accessible as the pleasant expanse of our spacious downtown. The wide streets allow window-shopping without crowding, so you can stroll at your own pace. Look up to the mountains you just conquered on your day hike, or look down to peruse the Walk of Stars along the pavement.

Palm Springs is a red carpet of rich history. Presidents and playboys have mingled in our midst throughout the decades, cavorting with such pop-culture luminaries as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope. Beginning in November, hike in their esteemed footsteps, book a walking tour with the Palm Springs Historical Society. A knowledgeable guide will usher you from the present tense to a leisurely exploration of the past. Get blue-eyed with envy as you slip into Frank Sinatra’s shoes. Excavate the golden age of Hollywood alongside celebrities like Liz Taylor. Or starting in October, skip the hike and hop on a bike to roll through town like the royalty you are.

See all the beautiful architectural sights Palm Springs has to offer through Mod Squad tours.

Whether you prefer the urban sightseeing of our main drag, the light aerobics of a stroll up Tahquitz Canyon, or the adrenaline rush of eclipsing San Jacinto Mountain, Palm Springs is your ultimate hiking destination. Get your head in the clouds and plant your feet firmly on our triumphant soil. Happy trails!

Go to VisitPalmSprings.com to plan your trip today.