Why Healthy Eating is so Important in Boosting Your Immunity


Z.E.N. Foods, a premiere Los Angeles-based diet food delivery service that brings the healthy, time-saving perks of a personal chef and in-house nutritionist right to your doorstep, just as they do for celebrities including Paula Abdul, Marlee Matlin, Carrie Ann Moss, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Zac Efron. They rely on Z.E.N. Foods to deliver them the lean, delicious, nutrition-packed meals they need to keep them looking and feeling their best.

In the current climate of these last few years, many of us find ourselves immune deficient. Whether it’s from the after-effects of COVID or the stresses we all face on a daily basis. There is nothing more important than your health, and that’s where Z.E.N. comes in. Now, this isn’t your standard, low-calorie diet food fare. These are incredibly fresh, anti-inflammatory, superfood-based meals that are packed with nutrients and can help revitalize your body, boost your immunity, and improve your digestive system, all while making your mouth water. From Blueberry Ricotta Crepes with Fresh Blueberry Compote, to Teriyaki Salmon with Black Rice and Chinese Long Beans, to Healthy Baked Chicken Parmesan with Marinara Sauce, Penne and Broccoli, to Chocolate Dream Cake, Z.E.N.’s wide variety of menu offerings from every culture make it easy to stick to the plan and watch the pounds melt away while improving your health.

Z.E.N., which stands for Zero Effort Nutrition, has been growing exponentially as more people are discovering just how easy and delicious it can be to eat right and lose weight. More and more on-the-go moms and busy professionals, as well as people who are recovering from health issues, including long COVID, are turning to services like Z.E.N. Foods to enhance their quality of life with minimal effort.

Just how “minimal effort” are we talking? Simply choose a Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle or Vegetarian Select meal plan, and Z.E.N. Foods does the rest. If you’re not sure what meal plan to choose, a Z.E.N.’s consultant is standing by to help you choose a plan that fits your goals and nutritional needs, answer your questions, or even set up a customized meal plan just for you. Every morning (or as often as you choose), Z.E.N. delivers your cooler bag of breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus a healthy snack and incredible dessert. Just heat, eat, and go!

Z.E.N.’s daily meal delivery service is strategically complemented by their popular cold-pressed Juices. A three, five or seven day juice cleanse is a powerful way to jump-start your metabolism and detox your system. You can also add the cold-pressed juices to your meal plan to boost your antioxidant intake and aide in reducing inflammation.

While our lives nowadays are inundated with packaged and processed foods that are linked to many diseases and healthy challenges, Z.E.N. believes in “food as medicine” and prepares every meal and juice with only unprocessed, nutrition dense whole foods while keeping a tight control on the amount of sodium and sugar. As many Z.E.N. Customers can attest to, Z.E.N. meals and juices have helped keeping their blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check, enhancing their digestive systems, and improving their recovery after an illness or surgery. They also sleep better, feel more energetic, and noticed an improvement in their cognitive activities.

In addition, Z.E.N. offers a free tool – “Z.E.N. Select”- that allows you to design your own menu and pick your favorite meals from over 50 popular meals every day. All meals are prepared fresh and delivered to your door each day in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs – all you need to do is heat it up in the microwave or oven. Their motto: “No more shopping, cooking and cleaning – eating clean and healthy has never been this easy!”

Here are some of the raved reviews from Z.E.N. Foods’ customers on Yelp:

“Absolutely incredible food delivery service. We first started ordering it when my husband and I had COVID and were bed ridden. I felt like the nutrient dense food literally nursed us back to health. Incredible customer service and the food is first rate. We are complete food and nutrition snobs and Z.E.N. Foods goes above and beyond meeting  our expectations. We are so lucky to live in So Cal and have this service available to us.” ~ AI R, Los Angeles, CA

“I started using Z.E.N. Foods for weight loss and to learn different eating habits. I only intended to do this for 2 months. But for the first time in over 20 years, I seem to having a working metabolism and the weight is coming off from EATING! Their food is out of this world and service is 10 points out of 5. I have learned so much. For me, the cost has been worth it, I have tried to lose weight forever and now, it is just happening and I am eating wonderful fresh food!” ~ Debbie J, West Hills, CA

“I started using Z.E.N. Foods during COVID and have found it to be some of the most delicious and fresh food I’ve ever eaten. I love that I can select meals I’m fond of but enjoy trying their multitudes of wonderful choices as well. I have used every meal delivery plan on the planet and Z.E.N. is by far the best. I’ve also lost 25 pounds at this point and am confident I’ll be able to keep it off. Z.E.N has taught me about portion size and how to eat and I am really never hungry which has been incredible as well. If you are trying to lose weight or don’t have time to prepare meals or just want to learn to eat in a healthy, clean way – Z.E.N is the way to go!” ~ Alexa J, San Diego, CA

“I did the 3 day rejuvenate cleanse and loved it! I immediately followed it with a 20 day weight loss plan! I’m happy to say I’m down 11 pounds so far with 1 week to go! Food tastes amazing! Always so fresh and I never feel hungry. I’ve tried all the other delivery companies and Zenfoods is the best hands down.” ~ Lily F, Downey, CA

“Z.E.N. Foods more than exceeded my expectations for a healthy eating plan. After several fad diets, I decided to do it right this time. I lost 30 lbs. while eating delicious food. I believe that’s why it was so easy to stay on this plan. You don’t suffer a bit. Your food is delivered daily and it’s fresh and amazing! Take the time for yourself and do it the right way. You won’t regret it.” ~ Kristi C, Costa Mesa, CA

Give Z.E.N. Foods a shout today and find out how Z.E.N. can help improve your health while losing a few unwanted pounds. Call (310) 205-9368 or visit ZenFoods.com for more info. Mention promo code LAMAG10 and get 10% off on your order.