What’s for Dinner: Culinary Bliss LA Re-Imagines the Meal-Delivery Experience


Restaurant quality food has never been more accessible in the comfort of your own home. Culinary Bliss LA (CBLA) delivers chef-curated, fully prepared meals to busy customers across Los Angeles. With a weekly, rotating menu featuring multiple gourmet options and a customer first mindset, Culinary Bliss LA is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, chef-prepared food with ease.

Culinary Bliss LA offers a unique take on meal delivery services. Unlike restaurant take-out food, which loses quality by the time it’s been delivered and reheated, CBLA’s food is designed to be reheated and enjoyed at home. Most “meal kit” companies only provide customers with pre-portioned ingredients and recipes, often requiring 40+ minutes of prep and cooking. And companies that offer fully prepared meals are often reminiscent of airplane food or TV dinners (in presentation, portion size and taste). Culinary Bliss LA is different. With an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and menus that balance of-the moment food trends alongside culinary classics, CBLA is the perfect meal-delivery service, combining great taste with little fuss. Meals arrive in CBLA’s custom insulated, eco-friendly reusable bags along with straightforward, easy-to-understand reheat instructions. In other words, to quote one of CBLA’s favorite taglines, “we prep, you plate, that’s it”.

Culinary Bliss LA is the brainchild of classically trained chef Pamela Reims. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Reims spent over a decade as a private chef, running her own catering company and teaching cooking classes. This experience taught her the type of food people crave, and helped Reims develop her culinary point of view. Today, Culinary Bliss LA strives to offer sophisticated yet unpretentious meals with an emphasis on over-the-top customer service.

Culinary Bliss LA’s main focus is the customer, as witnessed by their motto “special orders are our specialty.” Whether it’s a food allergy, a dietary restriction, or simply a preference, CBLA is happy to accommodate. In fact, Reims and the CBLA team embrace the challenge, ensuring that taste isn’t sacrificed. “Culinary Bliss LA offers more than just varied menus and delicious food,” says Lori, a customer from Pasadena. “CBLA is able to prepare items taking into account my family’s diverse dietary needs – gluten free and soy free for some and dairy free for others. Items are labeled clearly, so we feel confident of what we are putting into our mouths when we sit down to eat. We are thrilled to have found CBLA!”

Culinary Bliss LA is ideal for any customer, from single professionals to large families. Everything is offered a la carte and there are no minimum orders or membership fees. This means customers can mix and match whichever entrees, appetizers, sides and desserts they want. “CBLA is an absolute lifesaver,” says Erin, a customer from Sherman Oaks. “Between work, kids and their multiple activities, and general day to day stress, it is worth every penny to have fresh, healthy, and delicious food delivered every week. My kids look forward to ‘CBLA day’ every week in our house.”

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