20 Best Liver Supplements


When you think of the most important organ in the body, the heart, lungs, and brain are likely at the top of your list. But at the top of the list is the liver. Without a healthy liver, it’s impossible to survive. The liver has a crucial role of filtering and removing toxins and other harmful compounds from the blood.

When the liver isn’t working as well as it should, either due to disease or damage, it impacts the whole body. If toxins aren’t properly filtered from the blood, there’s an increased risk of damage caused by free radicals.

In times where there are toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe, it’s more important than ever to take care of our livers. Supplements designed to improve liver function are highly effective in detoxing the organ while helping it function more effectively.

Keep reading to learn about 20 of the best supplements that are specially formulated to improve liver health so that you can look and feel your best for years to come.

1. Elm & Rye Zinc

Most people use zinc to boost their immune system, but the mineral has also shown to play a large role in liver health. Zinc is a critical player in the metabolism of zinc.

When the liver is diseased or damaged, zinc metabolism is negatively affected. Zinc deficiencies have also been linked to inflammatory liver diseases. The most effective way to ensure that your body has the proper levels of zinc is with a high quality zinc supplement.

One of the best available on the market today is Elm & Rye Zinc. The brand is known for creating top of the line supplements that are made with pure, high quality ingredients. These zinc tablets contain no fillers or additives and are shelf-stable.

Price: $49.99 for 30 tablets or $39.99 with subscribe and save program

2. Pure Health Research Liver Health Formula

Liver Health Formula works to keep your liver working as it should. When the liver isn’t functioning at its best, there’s less antioxidant activity. In turn, oxidative stress builds in the body, leading to further damage.

This supplement contains a blend of eight potent ingredients that are scientifically proven to have significant impact on liver health and function. Active ingredients include:

  • Turmeric
  • Beet
  • Milk thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Alfalfa
  • Artichoke extract

This supplement works to combat oxidative stress, promote cellular damage repair, and helps to flush out toxins.

Price: $69 for 60 capsules

3. Live Conscious Liver Well

Liver Well from Live Conscious is another product that you can trust to protect your liver health for years to come. The supplement is made with patented Siliphos® silybin milk thistle extract. The ingredient is derived from Ayurvedic and Chinese treatments and has shown to support normal liver function. It wards off environmental toxins, poisons, and even alcohol. It also helps the liver to repair.

Liver Well also contains alpha lipoic acid, zinc glycinate, and selenium. Together these ingredients work to promote liver health by aiding detoxification, supporting metabolism, promotes cellular health, and supports immune function.

Liver Well is also keto and paleo friendly, making it any lifestyle. The supplement is free of dairy, gluten, soy, and contains no GMOs or preservatives.

Price: $25.99 for 60 capsules

4. 1MD LiverMD

LiverMD contains two clinically-proven ingredients into a single formula that nourishes and protects liver function. The supplement works to boost active energy levels and focus while promoting a healthy metabolism.

Each scientifically-formulated capsule contains patented Siliphos®, which offers superior absorption when compared to traditional milk thistle extracts. LiverMD also contains patented EVNolMax®, a full-spectrum vitamin E extract.

Together, these ingredients support liver detoxification as well as enzyme function.  LiverMD is dairy, peanut, wheat, and shell-fish free. It also contains no GMOs.

Price: $49.99 for 60 capsules

5. Life Extension FLORASSIST® Liver Restore

Did you know that the gut and the liver are directly connected? When the gut microbiome is healthy, so is the rest of the body, including nearby organs such as the liver. FLORASSIST® Liver Restore supports liver health with a combination of probiotics as well as a prebiotic to help each strain thrive.

By promoting a healthy balance of good bacteria, FLORASSIST® Liver Restore works to inhibit inflammatory factors that support liver health. The supplement also encourages healthy liver enzyme levels along with other liver health biomarkers.

Each serving contains a 200 million CFU of health-boosting probiotics, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium breve, and others.

Price: $15.00 for 60 capsules

6. The Vitamin Shoppe Liver Support with Milk Thistle

Looking for an inexpensive yet effective liver supplement? The Vitamin Shoppe Liver Support with Milk Thistle could be the product for you. Despite its low price tag, this supplement is made with a quality blend of ingredients that have shown to be effective in improving liver health.

Each tablet contains dandelion root, inositol, milk thistle extract, and phosphatidylcholine. These ingredients support liver health and function. When the liver is working properly, the body is at a much lower risk of damage caused by oxidative stress.

The less toxins that are in the body, the healthier you will be (and feel!).

Price: 100 tablets for $12.99

7. Now Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator

The liver’s main function is to detoxify the body. However, when the liver is weak, damaged, or diseased, it doesn’t work as well. Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator is formulated with a blend of nutrients and herbs that support the liver’s ability to remove harmful toxins from the body.

  • The enzyme blend includes:
  • Artichoke leaf
  • Beet root
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Bladderwrack
  • Pancreatin

The supplement combines milk thistle extract, along with a unique herbal-enzyme blend, that effectively promotes healthy liver function. Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator also contains vitamin C, methionine, and N-acetyl cysteine, all of which support glutathione production. This is one of the most potent antioxidants that maintains the body’s normal elimination pathways.

Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator doesn’t contain any gluten, wheat, soy, milk, egg, fish, tree nut, or shellfish products.

Price: $18.99 for 90 capsules

8. Swanson Liver Tone Liver Detox Formula

Because the liver metabolizes everything that goes into our body, including environmental pollutants, processed foods, and other chemicals, it works extremely hard to keep us healthy and protected from an increasingly toxic world. This is why it’s more important than ever to give your liver the care it needs.

Achieve optimal liver support and function with Liver Tone Liver Detox Formula. This supplement contains a concentrated herbal blend of scientifically proven ingredients, including milk thistle, black radish, licorice root, dandelion root, and schizandra berry. Each herb works in different ways to detoxify the liver.

These ingredients also promote spleen and kidney function as well as nerve cell function and brain health!

Price: $10.09 for 120 capsules

9. Thorne Research Liver Cleanse

This supplement contains a unique blend of botanical ingredients that work together to support liver function. Liver Cleanse optimizes  metabolism and excretion of substances and enhances bile production and flow. It can be used for general liver support or as part of a detoxification regimen.

Proper liver function is essential for detoxification, which protects overall health and wellness. Each capsule contains a proprietary potent blend of natural botanical ingredients including:

  • Dandelion extract
  • Burdock extract
  • Berberine HCl
  • Milk Thistle extract
  • Uva-ursi extract

To best benefit from a liver detox, it’s important to achieve optimal bowel function. Fiber and other digestive supplements support the elimination of toxins from the body. By binding them in the intestines, the toxins are prevented from being reabsorbed by the liver.

Price: $17.00 for 60 capsules

10. New Nordic Active Liver

Each day your liver works hard to remove toxins and waste products from unclear air, processed foods, and even the water you drink. Give your liver some much needed TLC with New Nordic Active Liver.

This trusted supplement promotes a healthy liver and liver function in a single daily detox tablet. When your liver gets the care it needs, you’ll notice a difference in your energy levels, appearance, and even your waistline!

Active Liver unjunks your body with highly effective ingredients, including milk thistle, turmeric, and artichoke. Take just one tablet a day to detox your liver (and the rest of your body!) without the unwanted side effects.

Milk thistle supports and protects the liver while turmeric aids in digestion and bile excretion. Globe artichoke also increases bile flow and has been used for more than a century to improve liver health.

Price: $21.95 for 30 tablets

11. Irwin Naturals Milk Thistle Liver Detox

Irwin Naturals Milk Thistle Liver Detox is specially formulated to support and improve liver health. One of the main active ingredients, milk thistle, has been used for centuries for its significant liver benefits. Milk Thistle Liver Detox uses a standardized extract that contains 80% silymarin, the key compound in keeping the liver at its best.

This supplement also contains other powerful ingredients, including turmeric, dandelion extract, and schisandra (green beet). These herbs and botanicals have also been used traditionally to support liver health and function.

Milk Thistle Liver Detox can be added to your daily health regimen to support detoxification pathways along with overall liver function. When taken regularly, the supplement helps to protect and promote liver health while also optimizing the body’s natural detoxification process.

What’s unique about Milk Thistle Liver Detox is that it’s available in liquid soft-gels, which are quickly released into the body. Unlike other delivery methods, soft-gels don’t contain binders or fillers that cause digestive upset. Milk Thistle Liver Detox is also made with BioPerine, which enhances absorption, potency, and bioavailability.

Price: $17.99 for 60 soft-gels

12. MRM LiverX with BioSorb

Give your liver a much needed break with MRM LiverX with BioSorb. Your liver works hard every single day to remove metabolic waste products from the blood. Certain factors, such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, and medication negatively impact this process by decreasing the liver’s ability to function as its best.

To keep your liver working as it should, LiverX provides a unique combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs that minimize free radical damage. These liver-boosting compounds also support the liver’s natural detoxification and purification processes. It even promotes immune health so that you feel your best!

LiverX contains some of the most effective ingredients for liver health, including milk thistle, N-acetyl-cysteine, choline, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and two Ayurvedic herbs, Picrorhiza kurroa and Andrographis paniculata. 

Price: $22.46 for 60 capsules

13. Zenith Labs Zenith Detox

Banish toxins from the body with Zenith Detox. This supplement contains a doctor formulated blend of scientifically-backed ingredients that support the body’s natural detox systems. It works to rid your body of free-radicals and dangerous toxins. In turn, you’ll feel healthier and younger than ever before.

Use Zenith Detox to fight off free radical damage, the biggest contributor to inner and external aging. The supplement is made with three different blends, including a glutathione boosting blend, a rapid detox blend, and a liver detox blend. They all work together to flush out damaging toxins so that you can look and feel your best.

Zenith Detox is an all-in-one detox solution, supporting phase 1 and 2 detoxification. By taking these capsules on a daily basis, you’ll find that you have more energy, a sharper mind, increased physical stamina, less joint aches, and even a more youthful appearance! 

Price: $49.00 for 90 capsules

14. Himalaya LiverCare

Looking for a supplement that boosts liver performance and detox without milk thistle? Himalaya LiverCare is a top-selling liver cleanse and detox formula that uses other highly effective herbal ingredients to promote liver wellness.

Himalaya LiverCare is formulated with non-GMO Project certified proprietary herbal blend, including:

  • Chicory seed
  • Capers
  • Black nightshade
  • Arjuna bark
  • Yarrow

These ingredients, along with other potent herbs, empower the metabolic capacity of the liver to support toxin-eliminating bile production. LiverCare minimizes free radical damage throughout the body while promoting cellular lifespan. It also increases nitrogen retention, which is a key indicator of protein creation.

Price: $27.95 for 90 capsules or $44.95 for 180 capsules

15. Gaia Liver Cleanse

Proper liver function is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Gaia Liver Cleanse uses traditional ingredients to maintain healthy liver function so that you can maintain your health from the inside out.

The supplement provides short-term support to keep your liver working as it should, thanks to a potent blend of milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock, and turmeric. When your body feels like it needs a reset, Liver Cleanse is just the supplement you need.

Liver Cleanse is vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and is proudly made in North Carolina, USA. It’s also purity-tested, which means you can take this product with total peace of mind.

Price: $29.99 for 60 capsules

16. Ancient Nutrition Liver Cleanse

When it’s healthy, the liver does an amazing job at cleansing the body. However, after years of hard work, the organ requires a cleansing boost to kick it back into high gear.

Ancient Nutrition Liver Cleanse contains a blend of potent botanicals, including milk thistle seed, beet root, dandelion root, and bupleurum root. Capsules also contain reishi and lipase, which support healthy liver function, detoxification, and the body’s natural response to inflammation.

Together these ingredients:

  • Boost liver function
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Aid in digestion
  • Support immune system health

Ancient Nutrition Liver Cleanse is a holistic liver supplement that contains science-backed ingredients. Keep your liver in tip top shape with this potent blend of botanicals.

Price: $29.95 for 60 capsules

17. HUM Wing Man

HUM Wing Man is a milk thistle supplement that helps the liver more efficiently eliminate toxins. It’s powered by well-known liver-boosting ingredients, including milk thistle, dandelion root, and artichoke. Together, these ingredients support liver health and function, which prevents the build up of toxins and other harmful chemicals in the body.

Milk thistle supports liver detoxification and regeneration. Dandelion root aids the digestive system by supporting bile production. It also provides fuel for beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract to optimize the detox process. Artichoke stimulates bile flow, a process that plays an important role in liver function.

HUM is a well-known brand in the supplement industry. Wing Man not only improves liver health and function, it also works to minimize (or eliminate!) dark circles under the eyes. You can use this supplement with confidence, as it’s gluten free, non-GMO, and contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

Wing Man is also triple tested for purity and verified by independent labs for potency.

Price: $26 for 60 capsules

18. Organifi Liver Reset

Liver Reset from Organifi is one of the go-to supplements for chronic liver disease. What’s great about this product is that it’s made by a brand that’s well known in the health and supplement industry. Brand aside, Liver Reset is formulated with some of nature’s strongest liver boosting superfoods, including:

  • Milk thistle – For holistic liver support
  • Artichoke leaf extract – Decreases fat and cholesterol in the liver
  • Dandelion root – Boosts liver health and detoxing power
  • Triphala – Used for more than 2,000 years for digestion and liver health

This herbal supplement provides a deep liver detox while also boosting other body systems, including cellular energy, bile production, and metabolism. Liver Reset is keto-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and glyphosate-residue free.

Price: $27.95 for 30 capsules

19. Amy Myers MD Liver Support

Amy Myers MD Liver Support is made with a powerful blend of ingredients that optimize and detox liver function. The supplement provides holistic liver support by optimizing bile production, protecting liver cells, and introducing antioxidants into the body.

When your liver is functioning at its best and is healthy, the rest of the body follows. The liver works 24/7 to filter toxins from the bloodstream while also breaking down these toxins. It’s also responsible for all sorts of other functions, including blood sugar regulation, creating cholesterol, converting excess blood glucose to triglycerides, and many other activities.

Liver Support is made with four simple yet highly effective ingredients, including selenium, milk thistle extract, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, and alpha-lipoic acid. These natural herbs and minerals protect liver cells from damage caused by heavy metals and toxins. They also hunt free radicals to protect the body from oxidative stress and damage.

Liver Support is a great supplement for anyone who wants to optimize liver health as well as for those who consume alcohol in moderation and people who may have been exposed to heavy metals, mold, and/or mycotoxins.

Price: $34.97 for 60 capsules

20. Renew Life Liver Detox

Are you looking for a targeted cleansing program to heal your body from the inside? Renew Life Liver Detox is an herbal liver supplement that deeply cleanses the liver and other organs. It’s made with a blend of all natural botanical ingredients that assist the body’s natural detoxification process to remove toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful compounds.

Each capsule contains milk thistle extract, selenium, choline, dandelion root extract, L-methionine, taurine, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, artichoke leaf extract, turmeric extract, and green tea leaf extract. These ingredients also protect the liver cells, which promotes better health and overall wellbeing.

Renew Life Liver Detox is designed to be used as a 30-day, two-part program. On days 1-3, take one capsule at night and one in the evening. On days 3-30, take two capsules in the morning and then two in the evening. For best results, take the supplement on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Whether you take Elm & Rye Zinc or any of the other supplements on our list, your liver will get the support it needs to keep your body free of toxins and other harmful elements. Remember, if your liver isn’t working at its best, there’s an ever-growing risk of free radical damage, inflammation, and chronic health issues.

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, these supplements can have a profound impact on liver health for years to come.

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