The Origin Story of VoroMotors: The Best Electric Scooter Store and Full-Service Repair Center in Los Angeles


Adult electric scooters have risen in popularity since the start of the pandemic as they provide a convenient way to avoid sharing space with strangers on public transportation, and an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles. In a city strangled by intertwining freeways and frequent gridlock, electric scooters provide an excellent alternative for Angelenos with average commutes. 

Enter VoroMotors: the leading source of premium electric scooters in the United States with headquarters in the San Fernando Valley. Find out a little more about us, what sets us apart from other scooter sellers, and how we’re fostering our community long-term.

What Is VoroMotors? 

Los Angeles Electric Scooters

VoroMotors is the largest electric scooter retailer in the United States with showrooms and full-service repair centers in three locations: California, New York, and Hawaii. We keep it coastal, setting up shop where many of our riders already live. 

Additionally, we have developed EMOVE, our own line of affordable yet long-range electric scooters. Having worked together for nearly a decade, we collaborate closely on the development of many of the newest models emerging on the market from both Kaabo and Minimotors (Dualtron), with direct influence on what is being produced in the factories. 

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EMOVE electric scooters for adults are affordable, long-range, and fun to ride

We are also a major distributor for a diverse dealer network around the world, empowering them with a wide range of scooter options from three of the most well-respected electric scooter brands. 

Where Did VoroMotors Get Started?

We opened the business in 2017 with our first location in our founder’s home country of Singapore. As a densely populated island nation with a hot and humid climate year-round, personal electric vehicles like e-scooters are a common source of transportation.

When Singapore placed a nationwide ban on the use of electric scooters on most public roadways, we decided to move our headquarters to California. Halfway into 2019, we found our first home in a building on 7th St in Los Angeles, CA, and transitioned into a larger facility in Panorama City, CA in the Summer of 2020.  

Earlier that year, the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, making it less desirable to travel in shared spaces like public transportation and rideshares. Contributing to the growth of personal electric vehicles (PEV), the crisis put us in the perfect position to provide high-performance electric scooters here and abroad. 

Where Is VoroMotors Headquarters Located? 

Our headquarters is located in San Fernando Valley, California. Our address is 14350 Arminta St, Panorama City. Our building has on-site parking for customers and is across the street from The Plant Shopping Center in Van Nuys, CA.

We’re open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM PST for walk-ins, appointments, test rides, on-site purchases, full-service repairs, and technical support. You can reach us 24/7 using our live chat or support email, or give us a call at our Los Angeles location at 1-323-922-3329.

VoroMotors welcomes walk-ins and appointments for their Los Angeles showroom and service center

Why Did VoroMotors Choose Los Angeles for its First Store?

In 2019, VoroMotors founder, Melvin Lian, recognized the popularity of e-scooters growing in the United States, and set his eyes on California with its trend for perfect scooter-riding weather year-round for a few reasons. 

Melvin saw the potential of growing the business in Southern California, as shared scooter companies had deployed thousands of electric scooters concentrated in the SoCal region (between Los Angeles and San Diego). Between California and Austin, Texas alone, that represented 40% of all shared electric scooter ridership across the United States. 

Another reason why LA is the best place for our first location in the U.S. is the existing PEV community. Southern California is a thriving home to community-based rides with hundreds of people dominating the streets on bicycles, scooters and skateboards at events like Venice Electric Light Parade and in group rides organized by community members like LAPEV

Los Angeles also happens to be home to the busiest port in the country for the past 20 years. By selecting the city that everything purchased in the nation filters through, we are the first to receive shipments of new products, and can better limit the long ground travel time often suffered by landlocked businesses. 

By the way, did you know that Los Angeles is famous for having one of the steepest streets in the country? We tested four of our best electric scooters on Fargo Street, famous for its 32% grade and site of the former Fargo Street Hill Climb (started in the 1970s but stopped as of 2019).

With our electric scooter store and repair center in Los Angeles, we can directly support and connect with the local community. 

Which Electric Scooters Does VoroMotors Sell?

VoroMotors sells a wide range of electric scooters for adults, with single-motor and dual-motor models available on-site in Los Angeles and available for shipping. 

EMOVE Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

Our flagship line, EMOVE electric scooters are beginner-friendly with budget-focused pricing and commuter-friendly features. Even our lightest weight single-motor scooter, the EMOVE Touring, gets a range of 32 miles on a single charge and comes equipped with a keyed ignition for added security. 

The award-winning EMOVE Cruiser is a hefty step up, granting you a range of up to 62 miles with larger 10” pneumatic tires for a super comfortable cruise. Both the Touring and Cruiser can be upgraded with useful accessories, like a seat or storage case, and come in a range of fun colors. 

We broke the mold with the EMOVE RoadRunner, a fan-favorite seated electric scooter that rivals e-bikes in style and smashes them in price for spec. It has a 350W front motor and 500W rear motor with a removable battery, so you can recharge more easily or keep a spare handy for double the range. 

 Best Electric Scooter Near Me In Los Angeles

EMOVE RoadRunner seated electric scooter rivals electric bicycles in size and power.

Kaabo Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

Probably the most recognizable brand on the street, Kaabo electric scooters are well-known for their powerful performance and craveable ride quality. Constantly reengineering the literal wheel, we carry some of Kaabo’s newest and best models. 

We carry the grand touring line of Kaabo scooters, which have the latest technology and feel uber luxurious. With large 4.2” TFT displays, ergonomic thumb throttles, and dual hydraulic brakes, scooter riders have full control over their settings and speed. They all have large pneumatic tires, with street and off-road tire styles for riding all-terrain. 

The Mantis King GT is the smallest of the pack but still hits 43 mph top speed. With a single stem and dual 1100W motors, it rides nimble and quick. Its predecessor, the Mantis Pro SE, has a simpler display and traditional trigger finger throttle and lacks adjustable hydraulic suspension.

Our crowning glory, the Kaabo Wolf King GT has won multiple awards for being the fastest electric scooter on the planet. With a tested top speed of 63 mph and dual 2000W motors for easily muscling uphill, it’s the most likely to replace your car as a daily commuter but requires an expert rider to control it.

The Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter is well-known for its over 60 mph top speed

Its little brother, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT, gets nearly 50 miles of range but is about 20mph slower – which is probably a more reasonable speed for most stand-up scooter riders. It has a very similar dual-stem build as the King GT, with a lighter 83-lb weight giving it a sportier feel. 

Dualtron Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

Often imitated but never duplicated, Dualtron electric scooters by Minimotors have high prices and high-quality features. We’re not going to pretend that they aren’t expensive, they are – but for good reason. They’re luxury vehicles and they are designed for experienced riders that want to go fast and wrench less. 

The bright programmable LEDs along the deck and stem of all Dualtron scooters is actually the least exciting thing about them. All of the scooters by Dualtron that we carry are dual motor with hydraulic brakes, large pneumatic tires (primarily tubeless), adjustable rubber suspension, and single-stem design. Dualtron scooter riders often report that they perform very little maintenance and experience few issues with their rides, making up for the initial cost being high.

Dualtron electric scooters manufactured by Minimotors have sleek, sporty designs.

One well-known YouTuber and everyday scooter rider in Los Angeles, Yogi Steve of Electric Scooter Academy, has delivered for UberEats and other gig-based platforms around the Hollywood area exclusively on electric scooters and e-bikes. In his 2,000 mile review of the Dualtron Storm, Yogi Steve explains that he’s only done routine maintenance (replacing consumables like brake pads or rotors), because it’s just built that well. 

Probably our most exciting new electric scooter is the Dualtron X Limited, a beastly 182-lb machine with two batteries, 70-mph top speed and 100-mile range. It isn’t for everyone, but the select few that love it don’t want to live without it. 

One of the brand’s most popular models is the Dualtron Storm Limited, and like the X Limited requires an experienced rider. Known for its overtaking feature (aka the double-tap), the Storm Limited delivers a NOS-like boost of extra power – even though it hits 68 mph without it. Its predecessor, the Dualtron Storm, has a removable battery and similar build.

The Dualtron Storm electric scooter has one of the largest capacity batteries that you can find in an electric scooter.

The only electric scooter specifically designed for all-terrain riding, the Dualtron Ultra 2 has knobby 11” off-road tires that are ultra wide for extra stability. Its dual motors send it uphill with insane acceleration. Like we mentioned, Dualtron scooters are notorious for going fast, and the Ultra 2 has a top speed of 56 mph. 

Speaking of fast electric scooters, the Dualtron Thunder 2 is a favorite among scooter riders for its immediate and almost excessive acceleration. Slightly less powerful than the Storm but with more bite than the Ultra 2, the Thunder 2 has dual 2700W motors and can reach 60 mph. 

The most affordable and portable electric scooter by Minimotors is the Dualtron Victor Luxury. It’s small enough to easily fit into a car trunk, but can go as far as a car with 56 miles of range on a single charge. Even though it’s the slowest of the Dualtron scooters, it goes over 40 mph which is faster than most want to go. 

Refurbished Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

In addition to selling new electric scooters, we have a refurbishment program for models with limited mileage and cosmetic damage. Our team performs a certification, replacing consumables and repairing any defects, allowing customers to purchase EMOVE, Kaabo and Dualtron scooters at a discount.

You can shop refurbished electric scooters in-person at our Los Angeles store or shop online. We also have in-store pick-up if you want to order online but stop by to pick up. This option is ideal if you have trouble receiving packages, especially large ones, at your residence.

What Services Set VoroMotors Above Other Electric Scooter Sellers?

We expect you to ride your electric scooters long-term, and we’re here to support you before, during and after purchase. We provide the most comprehensive options when it comes to customer support. 

Not only are we here for you, we’re here for your scooters. We stock parts and accessories that our riders need, and have tutorial videos to guide you through fixing yourself. We also offer full-service repairs at our Los Angeles location.

VoroMotors’ customer support team is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help you with your electric scooter before, during and after purchase.

Pre-Purchase Services for VoroMotors Customers

Figuring out which model is the best electric scooter for your lifestyle can be a challenge. With our 24/7 live chat, email and phone, we’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. 

Comprehensive Customer Support

If you’re brand new to riding electric scooters, we’ve published the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide, which is like a free course in Scooters 101. We explain what level of riding experience you should have and what performance you can expect from our beginner, commuter, luxury commuter and expert scooter categories

We also cover scooter lingo and tips, like do’s and don’ts for charging, along with other useful resources for first-time scooter riders. 

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area but want to get a closer look at our electric scooters, you can schedule a VORO Virtual Tour. Guided by one of our friendly team members, we’ll give you a video call and showcase the electric scooters that you’re considering, allowing you to better understand your options when it’s convenient for you.

With VORO Virtual Tour, our team will answer any questions while demonstrating what the electric scooter(s) is like in a web video call.

Free Shipping for Customers in the United States and Around the World

Electric scooters with large capacity batteries cannot be shipped via air, making transportation of these powerful vehicles costly and time consuming whether in the United States or abroad. 

We offer free and fast shipping within the United States (including Hawaii but excluding Alaska) for electric scooter orders over $800. For international customers, we offer free shipping for electric scooter orders over $3000. 

You can also upgrade your order with shipping protection by Extend (shipping insurance) for added peace of mind in case something happens to your electric scooter in transit. 

Post-Purchase Services for VoroMotors Customers

We’ve been helping some of our customers continue to ride and repair their scooters over the years because they’ve trusted us with their business, and we continue to have what they need to keep their scooters running. 

In addition to our virtual tour, we offer VORO Onboarding for any new electric scooter owner. You can make an appointment with us after your scooter arrives, and we help answer any questions you have as you prepare for the road in a web video call. 

Exceptional 1-Year VORO Warranty and Extend Protection

If you buy an electric scooter on Amazon or in a big box store, you’ll likely receive a very short 90-day warranty and will be unable to source replacement parts from the seller. 

For all new electric scooters, we provide a standard one-year limited warranty. If something suddenly stops working or starts malfunctioning, we’re here to help you troubleshoot the issue and process a warranty claim to cover the cost on the first occurrence. 

Our warranty covers replacement or repair of main components, like the motors, battery and display. Smaller components are generally not covered under the warranty. All of these are parts that we keep stocked in our warehouses, so you can find the right parts for your scooter and get them when you need them. 

If a one-year term isn’t long enough, you can add Extend product protection to any electric scooter purchase. With product protection, you can replace your scooter with a new one instead of getting it repaired, and can extend your protection for up to an additional three years. 

Electric Scooter Community Around the World

Our favorite part about electric scooters is the community that we’ve helped build over the years. 

By taking part in active online forums like Facebook groups and Reddit, we’ve learned so much about what #RealVORORiders need, both in a vehicle and from our support. Our team combs through feedback, directly applying whatever improvements that we can, often without increasing the cost to customers for upgraded parts and more advanced technology.

EMOVE Cruiser rider, Kurt Pierce, shared this photo riding on Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA with fellow e-scooter riders.

Check out these groups on Facebook and join to interact with us:

VoroMotors Owners Club | EMOVE Owners Club | Electric Scooter Ohana

Does VoroMotors Have Other Locations? 

Along with our VORO Los Angeles location in California, we have electric scooter showrooms and service centers in New York and Hawaii


148 39th St. Building 19 Suite B320 Brooklyn, NY 11232

Open Daily (9.30am – 6.30pm)

VORO (NYC) +1 929-999-5851


1030 Opule St. Unit #3 Kapolei, HI 96707

Open Daily (9:30 am – 5:30 pm)

VORO (HI) +1 808-400-8883

FAQs About VORO Los Angeles

What are VORO Los Angeles operating hours? 

VORO LA is open everyday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We welcome walk-ins and appointments. 

Which models are available to test ride and buy at VORO Los Angeles?

You can test ride the following in-stock electric scooters at VORO Los Angeles: 

  • EMOVE Touring, EMOVE Cruiser, EMOVE RoadRunner
  • Kaabo Mantis King GT, Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT, Kaabo Wolf King GT
  • Dualtron Victor Luxury, Dualtron Ultra 2, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Thunder 2, Dualtron Storm, Dualtron Storm Limited, Dualtron X Limited

Can I make an appointment at VORO Los Angeles? 

VoroMotors – Best Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

Voro Motors 

14350 Arminta St, Panorama City, CA 91402


Yes, you can make an appointment for a test ride. For general sales and servicing, you can call ahead to let us know how we can help, or make a test ride appointment. The easiest way to set an appointment is online: Schedule a Test Ride in LA

Can I order online and pick-up in store at VORO Los Angeles?

Yes, you can place an order on our website and select “in-store pick up” for VORO Los Angeles  when you’re checking out. 

What do I need to know about riding an electric scooter in Los Angeles?

Electric scooter laws in California generally follow the regulations for riding a bicycle, including a helmet requirement for riders under 16 years of age and limitation of 15 mph on most roadways. Scooters are prohibited from driving on sidewalks, and you should have a valid driver’s license to drive an e-scooter. Here’s more from the California DMV

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