The Luxury Kitchen Creates a Lifetime of Memories


A moniker that describes the majority of Los Angeles residents: foodies. This extends beyond the city’s renowned restaurants and into individual homes. With Southern California’s bounty of farm-to-table produce, it’s only fitting that those kitchens be equipped to do justice to these exquisite ingredients. At the ready to ensure memorable meals–The Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances from the new Luxury Kitchen showroom.

Arriving in West Los Angeles at 540 N. La Cienega this fall, the exclusive Luxury Kitchen showroom elevates culinary experiences with the perfect trio: Sub-Zero, the preservation specialist; Wolf, the cooking specialist; and Cove, the dishwashing specialist. A demonstration kitchen promises potential clients, “This luxury kitchen–the kitchen of one’s dreams–could be in your home.”

Such an idyllic kitchen showroom, which features industry-leading brands, serves as inspiration to aspiring home chefs from both the consumer and trade worlds. It encourages self-expression that begins before a menu is even composed. Indeed, these hero appliances in iconic stainless steel seamlessly integrate into a kitchen setting that ignites gourmands’ artistry.

The Heart of the Home

There’s a reason kitchens are referred to as the heart of a home. As the primary gathering place to which everyone gravitates; here, conversations are had, connections are deepened, and daily lives are curated. The feelings that emanate from kitchens: comfort, joy, and love.

A memory sparked by a Wolf cooktop might be of the morning a bestie revealed a new way of cooking eggs in a pot versus a skillet—brilliance delivered on a plate. Knowing the stovetop’s patented dual-stacked burners bring with them temperature consistency emboldens chefs to take on uncharted recipes and make them one’s own.

Old recipes get their due, as well, especially with the Wolf convection steam oven. That family oatmeal cookie recipe that hasn’t been reaching perfection of late will find its happy place in an oven with sensors that alert when the ideal combination of moist and fluffy is achieved. Supporting such moments is the technology behind Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove luxury appliances found at The Luxury Kitchen showroom.

Bringing Joy Back to Entertaining

Innovative appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove promise dependability, functionality, and, of course, deliciousness. Their expanded capacities also make hosting larger celebrations joyful endeavors versus dreaded events. Thanks to rigorous testing, fears of an appliance suddenly not working are waylaid by the minimum 20-year lifespan of these brands. Should something unexpectedly go awry, a best in class warranty is in place.

Dissipating potential stress even before one enters the kitchen is a mobile app capable of setting things in motion from afar. As Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances are Wi-Fi-enabled, the app allows for pre-heating ovens, and controlling temperatures and timers. Sub-Zeros appliances can have their temperature monitored and adjusted via the app. As for Cove dishwashers, they can be started remotely, track detergent and rinse aid levels, as well as monitor wash cycles. All three brands send notifications, reminders, and alerts. Another perk—a connectivity kit makes it possible to link older Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances into the Luxury Kitchen system.

Wolf wall ovens’ and professional ranges’ 50 gourmet modes are akin to having a sous chef at one’s elbow with its chef settings proffering the ability to keep temperature, timing, and cooking conditions on track. Just how high-tech do these brands get? When it comes to Sub-Zero, rocket science truly comes into play with its NASA-inspired air purification system, one-degree temperature control, and humidity regulation.

Adding unique features like warming and cooling drawers reduces prep time, frees up counter space, and makes for less bumping into one another when co-cooking. At the end of a gathering, a Cove dishwasher quietly tackles the tough job of getting dishes back to pristine condition—no rinsing required. While it’s at its task, there’s another element of the kitchen deserving of attention…

Not to be left out when designing the ideal kitchen—a wine storage unit. Not merely for chilling, these units protect libations. Coming into play, proper temperature for storing, humidity control to prevent oxidation, and vibration stabilization to halt premature aging. There are even various options to protect against light’s damaging impact, including argon gas between panes of glass. Waiting behind the door, vintages for sharing moments created inside one’s own luxury kitchen.