Take Your Wellness Routine to a Higher Level

12 cannabis and hemp CBD products that will help you unwind and strengthen your social connections

Staying healthy in a pandemic isn’t just about avoiding the virus. The isolation and economic uncertainty are taking a toll on all of us — and they’re also affecting our relationships with each other. In California, we’re fortunate to have access to legal cannabis. It’s found in a wide range of products that can be used alongside mindfulness and meditation practices and supplement feelings of creativity and social connection.

With so many cannabis products on the market, it can be tricky to decide which ones to try. Here’s a list of products recommended by Caliva, a California cannabis company dedicated to offering cannabis solutions for everyday well-being.

Soul Grind

When you’re feeling tense and you want to focus on the things that really matter to you, try this ready-to-drink unsweetened cold brew coffee. With 0% THC, it contains 100mg of caffeine and 10mg of CBD to boost your energy while keeping you balanced.

Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic 

Cann Social Tonics – There’s a reason this refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage has “social” in the name — it’s great for socializing. Each can contains 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD without the hangover.

Caliva Muscle + Joint Inflammation Lotion

Exercise is a proven way to lower your stress level and improve your mood, and this non-psychoactive lotion will be a welcome addition to your post-workout routine. Your muscles and joints will welcome the THC and CBD combo.

Caliva ACDC 92

Smoke your way to relaxation with this high-CBD flower. It’s not overly intoxicating, so it’s the perfect inhalable for those moments when you really want to bond with the people around you.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Patches

Papa & Barkley’s patches come in a variety of CBD:THC ratios. Each slow-release patch contains more than 30mg of cannabinoids. As they’re absorbed into your bloodstream, you’ll feel the effects throughout your body.

Well by Caliva Mellow Out Bath Bomb

Soaking in a warm bath is a self-care classic, but this luxurious new bath bomb will make the experience even more satisfying. It combines 60mg of hemp-derived CBD with natural lavender and peppermint oils, so even the scent is soothing.

ABX Sleepy Time Soft Gels & Drops

The next time your worries keep you awake at night, you’ll want to have this restful THC blend on hand. It’s available in gel capsules and as a tincture, so you can customize your dose.

Kikoko Tranquili-Tea

A hot mug of tea is a well-known way to calm the nerves, and this caffeine-free chamomile valerian tea has the added benefit of CBN, a cannabinoid that can help promote sleep. Prefer iced tea? It can also be brewed cold.

Well by Caliva Serum

If you’ve been neglecting your skincare regimen during the past few months, make up for it with this nourishing CBD serum. The deliberately simple, naturally-derived formula is designed to restore and rehydrate your skin.

Deli Nickels

Craving a treat?  These sugar-dusted, fruit-flavored gummies contain 5mg of THC each. Try the Sour Green Apple flavor for a sweet sativa that will remind you how much you love your friends — and how hard they make you laugh.

Level ProTabs

Choose your desired state of mind, and these quick-melting, concentrated tablets will help you achieve it. From a CBD Protab to a stimulating Sativa Protab, these are strong and fast-acting, but can easily be split to lessen the effect.

Toasties Classics

Looking for a way to turn a hard day around? Take a mid-day smoke break with these mellow low-dose pre-rolls and put your mind at ease.

Ready to upgrade your wellness toolkit with help from cannabis and hemp? Start low, go slow, and explore how different products and formulations affect your mind and body. To find more cannabis and hemp CBD products available to elevate your wellness routine, go to caliva.com or calivacbd.com.