Ready to Love Cooking Again? Make Delicious Plant-Based Meals with Simple Feast

This new meal kit delivery service is now available throughout Los Angeles

At first, quarantine felt like an exciting challenge. But after seven months at home, each day feels strangely similar to the one before, and even the most creative home cooks are feeling burned out.

Photo credit: Anders Schønnemann

If the question “What should we make for dinner?” is getting harder to answer, do yourself (and the planet) a favor—sign up for Simple Feast. This new plant-based meal delivery service has just arrived in Los Angeles, and it’s the perfect way to break out of your quarantine rut and bring some fresh flavors into your life.

Eating plant-based meals is a simple step anyone can take to live a healthier, more environmentally conscious life, and Simple Feast simplifies the cooking process. Their vegan meals are delivered “mise en place,” a culinary term that refers to having all of your ingredients ready to go (prepared, sautéed, portioned) before you begin cooking. It’s French for “everything in its place.” Each Simple Feast dinner will be ready in around 20 minutes, so you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time eating well and enjoying the experience.

Photo credit: Anders Schønnemann

Simple Feast’s chefs hail from Michelin-starred backgrounds to create a menu of easy-to-follow recipes that will make your mouth water. When you open your first Simple Feast box, you’ll get three complete dinners, carefully numbered for preparation ease. You can eat the dinners in any order, but these numbers reflect the chefs’ recommendations for when each meal will be at its peak tastiness.

Photo credit: Anders Schønnemann

Expect to discover plant-based recipes that are influenced by global cuisine and incorporate organic, seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally. Each week’s delivery includes great-tasting dishes like gyoza served with satay dipping sauce, brussel sprouts, a cashew salad, and fried rice. Or take your tastebuds on a trip with Spanish-inspired dishes like a potato tortilla with romesco sauce served with cauliflower-radicchio salad and pan-fried yellow squash with sage. Even the picky eaters at your table will be excited by family favorites like vegetable bolognese spaghetti served with braised fennel and arugula with gremolata and toasted sunflower seeds.

Photo credit: Trevor Gordon

Simple Feast is focused on the future of food, and as a result, they take sustainability seriously. They’re a Certified B Corp® that leads by example, working directly with local farmers to source fresh, high-quality ingredients that travel the shortest possible distance from farm to table. They choose packaging materials with the environment in mind, moving away from single-use fossil-fuel-based materials towards reusable bio-based materials.

Plant-based meals aren’t the obvious choice when it comes to shaking things up in the kitchen. But don’t let the vegan label fool you. These are delicious, thoughtfully crafted dinners made by highly trained chefs that just happen to be made of plants.