Palm Springs is the Perfect Destination for a Wellness-Inspired Getaway

Enjoy a quick getaway from your hectic work and life schedule in the heart of Palm Springs. We’ve got the perfect guide for all there is to do and explore!


The new year is in full swing and it’s safe to say we all have a growing list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Whether you’ve made a goal to read more books, be more spontaneous, go to the gym more, spend more time outdoors, or simply take care of your mental health––there’s one place in sunny SoCal that has all you need to make those wellness-inspired goals a reality.

Approximately 100 miles east of Los Angeles, the desert city of Palm Springs can be the perfect oasis to doing more of what’s good for you, a well-inspired getaway if you will. In a nutshell, Palm Springs has all you need for the perfect weekend full of self-care and relaxing fun.

Whether you’d like to relax and have a spa day, do some yoga, ride a bike with your friends, workout from the comfort of your hotel, go hiking and explore the great outdoors in the surrounding Palm Springs area, there’s a little bit for every type of person.

Without further ado, check out our guide to places to stay, things to do, and places to eat, shop and play in Palm Springs for the perfect getaway.




Palm Springs newest boutique resorts are the Dive Palm Springs and Les Cactus Palm Springs.

Remember those photos of the French Riviera in the swinging ‘60s?  Bikinis. Yachts. Bridgette Bardot. Now you can revel in that same chic, sexy style – right here in Palm Springs.

Opened in November 2019, the new 11-room, adults-only Dive Palm Springs petite hotel invites you to plunge into the glamour of St. Tropez and the 1960s French beach culture. “Our aim is to transport you to the French Riviera of the ’60s,” says Abdi Manavi, whose business card reads “Liaison to Happiness” rather than “cofounder/general manager.”

Every great getaway deserves the perfect musical accompaniment. The soundtrack to your ideal vacation must embrace the freedom, whimsy, and excitement of your environment. And in the case of Palm Springs’ newest resort, Les Cactus Palm Springs, music is the foundation of its flair. “It’s named after a 60s French rock ‘n’ roll song,” croons Les Cactus owner Matt Kurtz. “I don’t wanna say it’s trippy, but that’s the word that comes to mind. I wanted a desert-centric theme for the property, but also something cool and worldly, so Les Cactus was the perfect name.”

If you want something in the center of downtown and within walking distance of pretty much everything, Hotel Zoso is ideally located. Other centrally located boutique resorts include Del Marcos Hotel,  La Serena Villas, The Three Fifty Hotel Palm Springs, and  Orbit In Hotel.

For other hotels with amazing amenities like rental bicycles on the premises (full list here) and fitness centers (full list here), check out The Saguaro Palm SpringsThe Money Tree HotelThe Avanti Boutique Hotel and The Stardust Hotel.

For a full list of hotels and places to unwind with a spa day or a massage, go here. For more tips on making the best of your self-care vacation, go here.



Three great ways to explore the area is on a hike, a bike ride or on horseback.


If you’re ready for some adventure, head on over to Bike Palm Springs Rentals & Tours which offers a large range of bikes, including the popular electrical bikes. Big Wheels Tours has for 17 years been providing guided Jeep, Bike and Hike tours. You’ll be able to visit the high desert on a Joshua Tree National Park Jeep tour via a rugged back-country trail through the San Andreas or head straight to the incredible canyons by the San Andreas fault. For more outdoor adventures and excursions, go here.

Red Jeep Tours picks you up in an open air jeep and takes you on a majestic excursion through Indian Canyons or you can treck into the San Andreas Fault with a personal geo-guide.

For an intimate stroll through the wonders of our local landscape, put one foot in front of the other with PS Walk with Me. Their historical neighborhood tours are both educational and fun.



If you prefer your holistic exercise in the great outdoors, there’s nothing greater than Power Yoga’s Saturday morning sessions at Ruth Hardy Park. This verdant destination also offers picnic space aplenty, as well as tennis, basketball and sand volleyball courts. “Set” yourself up for wellness!

But this is far from the only game in town when it comes to park play. You can stroll to your best self at DeMuth Park, the largest outdoor gathering space in Palm Springs at 61 acres strong. If your ambition leads you upward, then hike Tahquitz Canyon to gaze upon its rock wall art and waterfall majesty.

Now let’s hit the PAWse button and high-tail it over to the Palm Springs Dog Park. After all, wellness starts with love, and love is best expressed with a wet nose and a canine heart.


Ever feel like just looking up at the night sky and stargaze? It can be a bit tricky if you live in such a populated city such as L.A., so enjoy the night sky with a Palm Springs Stargazing experience.

For other activities, such as golf, sports and fitness, go here. If you want a more thorough guide detailing the best places to hike, go here.


Once you’ve had your fix of a relaxing day at the spa or an action-packed day outdoors, it’s time to enjoy the delicious food scene in Palm Springs.



OK, you’ve burned those unwanted calories in a whirlwind of cycling, Pilates and yoga, now replace them with something even more amazing. In addition to being gloriously gourmet, the food-scape in Palm Springs fuels your every adventure with hearty health food concocted to fit your fitness routine.

Raw Remedy Organic Juice & Raw Food Bar – Their long name yields big results as you transform your palate into a red carpet of welcome flavors.

Nature’s Health Food & Café – Stock up on organic produce to for the work week ahead or a healthy vacation bonanza.

Native Foods – Organic wine? Yes please! Get back to nature and up on life with a full menu of marvelous meals, courtesy of Mother Nature (and her awesome kitchen staff).

Palm Greens Café – Healthy means exciting at this scrumptious gastro-destination.

Cheeky’s – Their legendary brunch is busy for a reason – brave the crowds and then Zen out anew by returning to the top of the list (and repeating as necessary).

Tanya’s Kitchen – Deli style quick service eatery where the Cubano and Chupacabra make sandwich history. The CTK Tempeh Power Burger is born.

We hope this list finds you well, and we hope to find you on the path to a vibrant vacation escape. Be wonderful, be wise, and be one with Palm Springs. A healthy haven awaits…


No matter what you do, you’re bound to have a relaxing and fun stay in Palm Springs!