NutriSource Pet Foods’ Formulas Put Health, Quality, and Community First

Not all diets for our furry-legged friends were created equal. Let NutriSource Pet Foods show you the difference.

Quality and caring are two words you’ll commonly hear when it comes to NutriSource Pet Foods. Not only has Perham, Minnesota-based NutriSource Pet Foods been turning out high-quality products for four-legged family members since 1964, but it is also driven by a mission to give back to its hometown and worthy causes throughout the country. From providing critical funds for local schools and community programs, supporting pet shelters and pet rescues, and sponsoring the first ever facility dog at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, NutriSource challenges itself every day to answer KLN Family Brands President and CEO Charlie Nelson’s question: “What good are we if we aren’t trying to make a difference?”

Fulfilling that challenge first begins with a commitment to delivering the safest, most nutritious and flavorful pet foods possible. At the core of each formula is its proprietary Good 4 Life System.  Designed to support proper absorption of the nutrients that defend against infection and disease, Good 4 Life works from the inside out to support gut health, overall pet health and longevity.

NutriSource diets support sensitive skin and stomachs, heart health, and nutrition for both young and old. Wholesome grains, grain-free, large breed, small breed, super performance and weight management formulas are all part of the wet and dry recipes offered by NutriSource.

Specifically, NutriSource’s PureVita brand features limited ingredient, highly palatable single-protein-source pet formulas. As part of the NutriSource family, PureVita is carefully prepared using natural, holistic ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals) to support a pet’s overall health and emotional well-being. PureVita also utilizes a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, each chosen for its unique nutritional values. In early 2020, NutriSource launched NutriSource Choice, a recipe that provides exceptional prepared-in-the-USA pet foods that are budget-friendly and don’t require sacrificing quality for price.

What’s next on the horizon for NutriSource? Dogs are meat-eaters. They love protein, whether it be from fish, fowl, or hooved animals. We’ve seen evidence that dogs that eat more animal protein also have more energy, smaller waste, and better breath. To meet the growing demand for high animal protein foods, NutriSource is excited to launch a new line called NutriSource Element Series. Set to launch in April 2021, Element Series offers an advanced diet for canine companions, bringing together the best elements of nature’s intention with cutting-edge nutritional concepts. It’s all part of our mission to provide your pet with unsurpassed gut health and support whole-body health. Element comes in four delicious, animal protein-packed recipes, each containing at least 83% animal protein in every bowlful.

Where can you find Element Series or any of the other great NutriSource diets? You won’t find any NutriSource product at giant pet stores or big-box retailers. The company has been long committed to independent pet and feed stores, where there’s a greater focus on health and nutrition. As a family-owned company, NutriSource also believes in supporting locally owned businesses whose owners live, work, and provide jobs in their communities.

If you’d like more information regarding NutriSource Pet Foods, its products, community programs, and career opportunities, please visit