Make It A Date Night With Your All New Cadillac Escalade


Step away from the screens and hop into the revolutionary 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Your new four-wheeled friend is the best large luxury SUV on the road fit with a 6.2-liter V8 engine, 420 horsepower and exclusive in-depth features across the board. The polished, exceptionally spacious cabin is slick and intuitive, just like your partner. So why not treat them to a romantic escape from the house and onto an adventure? From a drive-in movie to glamping, here are 8 ways your Cadillac can make for a seriously great date venue!

Drive-in Movie

Movie theaters may be closed but you don’t need much for this retro date to be a success. Make a pit stop for some snacks and keep your beverages ice-cold in the refrigerated center console. Cozy up in the heated seats while you enjoy theater-like 360-degree surround sound listening experience with the AKG Studio 36-speaker system. 

Road Trip

Get out of town in style and with ultimate comfort. Ditch the driver-fatigue and arrive alert thanks to the Super Cruise self-driving feature. The first truly hands-free driver-assistance engages with a green highlight on the steering wheel to give you a hands-off highway experience. Need to change lanes to make your exit or highway change? Just flick the turn signal lever and your Escalade will make a safe and on-demand lane change for you! Keep yourself and your passenger relaxed with massage seats and preserve your road trip refreshments in the center console cooler. If your pod is greater than two, rest assured that your back seat riders will be more than happy with their independent 12.6-inch-diagonal touch displays fit with HDMI and USB inputs as well as screen mirroring with Android phones so they can play any games, music or videos they please. Rear passengers can even send navigation suggestions to the front screen so don’t be surprised about the extra milkshake stop.

Liftgate Picnic

Restaurants are closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal out! Skip the delivery fees, hop in your Escalade and pick up dinner on your way to your favorite secluded destination. Hop onto the spacious liftgate and spread out the picnic blanket across 121-cubic feet. The wireless carplay studio-quality sound system makes it easy to sit back and relax with that romantic playlist you perfectly crafted and set the mood with your choice of 8 different interior lighting options.

Citywide Tour

Kick your cabin fever – or apartment fever, rather – and hop in your Escalade for a spontaneous exploration of LA. Let the road take you on a citywide adventure and never worry about getting lost thanks to the Augment Reality Navigation that you can engage any time for clear directions both visual and audible that will indicate any turns and roads you need to take to arrive back home safely. Tune into your favorite local radio station for a crisp and clear signal from the AKG Studio  sound system.

Night Time Drive 

Head out into the open, clear skies for a romantic date under the stars. Gaze from the comfort of your heated seats through the UltraView panoramic sunroof or grab some blankets and lay out on the hood. You won’t have to worry about unexpected wildlife or pedestrians on your journey thanks to Escalade’s night vision feature fed onto the cabin display via the high-resolution front-facing camera. Get to and from your destination safely with Augment Reality Navigation which gives you a live view of the road ahead with directions overlaid so you’ll never get lost.

Scavenger Hunt 

Pair up with your partner for a list of things to find in LA. How about a neon sign, street bridge, park with a tire swing, your childhood home, the spot where you had your first date, the possibilities are endless. Cruise along in your Escalade, windows down, tunes blaring from the powerful AKG 36-speaker system while the Augment Reality Navigation guides you through your checklist. Bonus date move, let your partner control the music via the expansive touchscreen, full color OLED display.

Sunset Cruise

LA sunsets are one of a kind and you’ll never get tired of them so surprise your partner with a romantic view both of you will never forget. Take it easy and allow the Augment Reality Navigation direct you to the highest spot you can find and bask in the hazy sunset glow. Turn up the AKG Studio sound system fit with a large closed subwoofer to transform your Escalade into an unprecedented concert venue.


LA is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges chalk-full of overnight car camping sites. Pop the address of your choice into the Augment Reality Navigation and never miss a turn with this ingenious feature across the dramatic interior panel display. Made up of three thin-as-paper OLED screens (an industry first) stretching 38 inches from the drivers’ left side across a digital instrument cluster front and center to the infotainment touchscreen, you’ll get unprecedented clarity as the active navigation system adds graphics and arrows across the video stream. When night falls, grab your marshmallows and set your romantic soundtrack for an evening campfire side – no need for portable speakers, just roll down the windows and the 36 AKG sound system has you covered. When it’s time to turn in, grab your blankets, slide the back seats down and create a spacious nook for a luxurious wilderness slumber. Skip the string lights, your Escalade has 8 different interior lighting options to get the date night ambiance just right.

No matter the grand adventure, the only thing better than the 2021 Cadillac Escalade date night is your lucky date! With intuitive driver-assistance, advanced performance features and a luxurious interior, you won’t just arrive in style, you’ll revel the ride with your partner.