5 Long Beach Restaurants You Need to Try Right Now

Eat your way through Long Beach with these 5 delicious spots

While summer may officially be winding down, we all know that if you’re from Southern California—warm and sunny days are still ahead of us. And what better place to spend your sunny summer (and fall, maybe winter) days than in Long Beach? The coastal city, home to the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific, has a lot more than that to offer.

In Long Beach, you’ll be sure to find amazing dining gems at every corner. Less than an hour drive away from Los Angeles, you’ll find the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner spots. Eat your way through Long Beach and try the following 5 restaurants for a culinary experience to remember.

The Attic

Established in 2012, owned and run by Long Beach native, The Attic is located in a 1920s craftsman style home where you can enjoy some of the best Southern cuisines SoCal has to offer.


Who can say no to chicken and waffles? The Attic’s fried, all-natural chicken breast topped with their signature southern gravy and green onions stacked on top of a Belgian waffle with two fried eggs is a must-try. You’ll find yourself daydreaming of their signature sauce and crispy fried chicken long after you’ve finished your plate.


If you’ve never tried shrimp and grits (or let alone grits), let The Attic be the first place to introduce you to this delicious southern dish. Their grilled garlic and herb-crusted shrimp, served over tasso ham grits, drizzled with honey, and topped with rosemary and herbs is highly coveted and recommended. It’s creamy, it’s delicious, and The Attic’s grits have even been deemed the best in SoCal. Don’t miss out.

The Breakfast Bar

Open daily for breakfast and lunch, The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach is locally owned by two residents who have lived and worked in downtown since 2002. The duo prides themselves in hosting a warm environment that helps bring friends and family together over delicious food and drink.


Sometimes you’re just craving a good ‘ol hearty breakfast stacked with sausage, eggs, and all the good stuff. You can find the perfect fix to that appetite here with The Breakfast Bar’s Hung Over dish. Two scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage served over french fries and loaded with homemade sausage gravy and house pico de gallo⁠—say no more.


Or if you’re craving something more on the sweet side, be sure to try The Breakfast Bar’s Dad’s Favorite Lemon Cake Pancake. These homemade lemon cake battered pancakes are fan favorites, and they’re served with zesty citrus frosting and topped with fresh mixed berries. While you’re here, be sure to also try The Breakfast Bar’s Biscuits and Gravy, Love-Lee Chicken and Waffle Sticks, and their Shrimp and Grits. No matter what you’re craving, The Breakfast Bar has something for you on their menu.

The Crooked Duck

If you’re looking for good eats and a good history lesson, The Crooked Duck restaurant in Long Beach is the place for you. As a young boy, Joseph Rooney (owner of the restaurant), was told the legend of “the crooked duck” and growing up, never forgot it. So he decided to pay tribute to it through this neighborhood grill.


At Crooked Duck, you’ve gotta’ try their Corned Beef Hash made of in-house roasted corn beef with a dash of Thousand Island dressing served with eggs and potatoes.


If you’re not in the mood for the corned beef hash and want to opt for something a bit different then be sure to try their Dos Huevos Rancheros. You’ll get corn tortillas topped with two over-easy eggs, dark ranchero sauce, refried beans, melted jack, and cheddar cheese, with sour cream and salsa. Is your mouth watering yet? While you’re here, don’t forget to try their avocado toast as well (we know what you’re thinking, but you won’t regret it). You’re also in for a great happy hour and dessert menu if you ever stop by The Crooked Duck!

James Republic

James Republic is a chef-driven and farm to table restaurant in Long Beach serving modern American cuisine with a daily changing menu using the best local ingredients. They proudly serve a myriad of local artisan products and their inspiration comes from focusing on the quality of ingredients in order to give their customers the best of the best.


If you stop by James Republic, be sure to try their delicious Honey Vanilla Latte for a quick pick-me-up. Also on the menu is an array of sweets (a green machine juice, fruit smoothies, roasted granola, steel-cut oatmeal), and other breakfast entrees you’ll love including avocado toast, steelhead lox, or a classic breakfast burrito.

Wide Eyes Open Palms

This specialty coffee and seasonal food cafe in Long Beach is run by one barista and one chef passionate about seasonality and sustainability. Wide Eyes Open Palms is run by feminists and food activists who believe in bringing quality food and drink to their Long Beach community.


At Wide Eyes Open Palms, you won’t always find the same item on the menu for too long but that’s part of what makes this a local dining gem in Long Beach. When you visit, be sure to try their raved about Jam and Ricotta Toast. Don’t forget to also give Wide Eyes Open Palms’ hippie tartine a try, too.

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