L.A. in Love: Weddings in Bloom

Ranunculus or calla lily? Floral ace Heather Williams of Twig and Twine delivers fashionable decorating tips

Finding the perfect wedding florist can be as tricky as finding “the one.” You want a florist that not only has the same taste as you, but that will help you think outside the box to create your dream wedding day. Enter Heather Williams, one of Los Angeles’ most sought after floral designers and the owner of Twig and Twine. At her Silver Lake retail location, you can find everything from Turkish tea towels and Moroccan baskets to fresh flowers that make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon L.A.’s secret garden. We spoke with Williams about creating the perfect vision for your wedding without breaking your budget.

Heather Williams

Photograph by Yuki Shingai

What’s a fun floral trend you’re seeing among brides lately?
“The use of more color! Weddings have been soft colored for far too long now. I think most wedding vendors cringe when they hear the word ‘blush’ nowadays so it’s great to see clients bringing back some color into the wedding realm.”

When you first start working with a couple, how do you figure out a floral theme that will work best for them?
“Most clients have a general idea of what they want for their wedding by the time they reach out to a florist. They usually have a color scheme, which along with the time of year they are getting married in, tends to determine which flowers will be suitable for their needs. Some [clients] have strong opinions in regards to a feeling they want to portray such as romantic or whimsical or bohemian, which will often help us decide on the hard goods and vessels. My job is to interpret their décor ideas and make them come to life so we can represent them as a couple in a more accurate way.”

What’s the easiest way for couples to save money on wedding flowers?
“By managing their expectations. If a client wants a ton of peonies to cover their entire venue, they will need to spend [more money]. Sadly most couples want a wedding their budget can’t afford so prioritizing what is most important will help in this realm. A good vendor should be able to help distribute the budget in accordance with the level of importance of each item. Obviously at times not everything is possible, but unless the budget is unreasonably low there’s usually a good solution.”


Photograph by Heather Waraksa

We know centerpieces are key, but are there any other unexpected uses of flowers at a wedding that you love as well?
“I’ve been loving flowers tucked into a bride’s hair. We are well past the head wreath days but I really love a nice up-do adorned with lovely blooms to match the bridal bouquet.”

For DIY brides, if you could share ONE secret for making wedding flowers look amazing, what would it be?
“Honestly I never recommend that couples do their own flowers. It’s a lot more work than anyone ever imagines. Save the manicure and spend important time with friends and family the day before the wedding! However, if you do DIY, I recommend using plants. They can be potted up earlier in the week and won’t need to be touched again until they are put out on the tables. They also double as great takeaway presents for the guests. Hire a professional florist to do the bouquets and boutonnieres since those are the most special pieces of the day.”

What’s one wedding flower you could never live without?
“There are so many! Ranunculus, peonies, garden roses….those would probably be top three. Such lovely, petal-y blooms, you really can’t go wrong.”


Photograph by Patrick Moyer


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