L.A. in Love: Bridal Makeup Tips

MAC Cosmetics senior artist Caroline Hernandez shares her remedy for wedding tears and other sound beauty advice

When Caroline Hernandez (née Donnelly) talks bridal makeup, other makeup artists listen. She even gives master classes on the subject to professionals in the field at the MAC Pro store on North Robertson. Hernandez began her career in the 1990s, in music and television, and she has worked on runway shows for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood among many others. The British expat travels the world, but calls Los Angeles home, and has handy pro-tips for any non-makeup experts about to walk down that aisle.

Be Yourself
“Quite often brides will say, ‘My friend says that I have to wear smoky eyes on my wedding day.’ I say to them, what do you normally look like? Don’t wear something you wouldn’t normally wear because you have to look at those photographs forever and who cares what everyone else thinks you should wear. Be you, but the most beautiful version of you that you can get to.”

A Fresh Face
“People want fresh skin. People want glowy skin. Especially in L.A., people don’t want to look like they have too much make-up on. You want to look beautiful, but not that it’s the makeup making you look beautiful. Pared back skin that just looks perfected but doesn’t look foundation-y is a really big thing.”

Tears of Joy
“Think about if you are you going to have a bit of a cry. Make sure that you definitely wear waterproof eyeliner (if you wear eyeliner), mascara, and waterproof concealer under your eyes. We do a waterproof foundation and you can use that under your eyes too and even if you want to waterproof your normal concealer, just put a little but over the top. You’ll want prolonged wear. It’s Los Angeles, there’s also a chance you’re going to get married on a hot day.”

Embrace the Red Lip
“Don’t be afraid of red lips. But you have to know how to do a red lip and not look like the joker after you’ve had a kiss with your husband. Our prolonged-wear pencils are good for that. Just don’t put too much underneath it and don’t put too much on top of it. Because if a prolonged wear is going to do its job the best, nothing is compromising it. Don’t then put a gloss over the top of it.”

Whole Body
“Don’t forget you have the rest of your body not just your face. So if you’ve been sunbathing because you want to look really tanned before you get married and you have strap marks, use a face and body foundation. Choose a shade that’s not the same color as your white bits, choose the same color as your tanned bits. And check your elbows. Lastly, if you get a tendency to have purple hands, put some make-up on your hands because your ring is going to be photographed a lot.”