L.A.’s Only Bridal Bootcamp for Your Skin


In a city full of medspas and aesthetic medicine practices, MedBeautyLA has carved out a reputation for excellence in the South Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. The medspa — located about 10 minutes from Echo Park — opened its doors less than three years ago, and it already has clients who travel all the way from Santa Barbara just to get their regular facials and Botox. 

Owner Dr. Lori Aliksanian attributes their success to something simple: “We only have three treatment rooms, two for our aestheticians and one for our injectables, and that was by design. We really know our clients, spend time understanding their concerns, their needs, their lifestyles. Everyone really cares. It’s a boutique experience.” 

It perhaps only makes sense that MedBeautyLA is now offering a Bridal Skin Bootcamp, and is basically the only medspa providing this service in all of LA. “We had a number of new clients book in the last year with basically the same request,” said Dr. Aliksanian. “They’d tell us they were getting married in a couple months, and they wanted to try a specific facial in advance to see if they wanted to get it again the week of their wedding.” 

The problem? “There are definitely benefits to a single facial every now and then,” she said. “And we certainly offer several event-ready treatments that will make your skin soft and glowy the day-of a special occasion. But the reality is many skin care concerns, like uneven skin texture, fine lines, acne scarring, and brown spots take at least several months and a committed at-home skin care routine to treat.”

Skin care is like the gym, she explained. You can’t do it once and expect significant results. That’s when the idea struck: “There are bridal boot camps for fitness and nutrition — why not skin as well?” Aliksanian recalled. The idea seemed so obvious that the MedBeautyLA staff even Googled “Bridal skin boot camp LA,” convinced they’d find offerings all over the city. However, they found nothing.


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“It really shows just how much people undervalue what healthy, happy skin can do for your confidence and self-esteem,” added esthetician Joanna Garcia. “We see first-hand how things like acne and hyperpigmentation can affect someone. So many of our clients have been self-conscious for years about things that can absolutely be treated, or rely on heavy makeup to hide their skin.”


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So, what exactly does MedBeautyLA’s Bridal Skin Bootcamp entail?

According to their website, “MedBeautyLA’s Bridal Bootcamp is a 3-month skin care program designed to give you the best skin ever on your special day. The plan is curated specifically to YOU and your skin’s needs.”

The Bridal Bootcamp begins with an in-depth analysis of your skin, followed by a weekly product and treatment plan. It will typically begin with the more intensive treatments first (laser resurfacing, microneedling, etc.) and will lead up to more fine-tuning and refining as you get closer to your wedding date.

A Sample program might entail: 

1 SaltFacial (a medical-grade facial with organic, sea-salt based exfoliation, targeted serums, and therapeutic LED light)

1 Microneedling Session

1 Resurfx Laser Treatment

2 DiamondGlow Platinum Facials

1 DiamondGlow Refresher Facial

A Sample Take-Home Routine (included in your package): 

SkinBetter Science Oxygen-Infusion Facial Wash

SkinMedica’s TNS Ceramide Moisture Cream

SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Antioxidant Serum

SkinMedica Tinted SPF

The MedBeautyLA Bridal Skin Bootcamp is priced at an all-inclusive $2,100 (15% off regular pricing) with all at-home products included ($345 value). The Bootcamp is definitely for couples, too! Grooms are welcome, and MedBeautyLA applies a special couples’ discount when done together.

Prepping for another, non-wedding related date? No problem! MedBeautyLA’s Skin Bootcamp can be done before any major life event, whether it be an anniversary, a reunion, or a milestone birthday. We’ll apply our multi-faceted approach to skin care — from the medical-grade, in-office treatments to your daily at-home routine — to ensure you feel confident in the skin you’re in.