L.A. in Love: First Kiss Perfection

Why settle for a nervous peck at the front door? Have we got a first kiss how-to for you

You’ve had a great date. The restaurant was spot-on, the conversation was natural and easy, and you are both definitely hitting it off. Then it all comes to a screeching halt in the front seat of your car or in front an apartment entryway when you nervously go in for that first kiss. With a smidge of planning, you can elevate an awkward peck to first kiss perfection. Here’s how.

Set It to Classical Music


Photo courtesy Facebook/Mount Wilson Observatory

The Plan: Get tickets to one of The Da Camera Society’s Chamber Music in Historic Sites concerts. In March you have the choice of vocalists emoting about celestial bodies at the Mount Wilson Observatory or two string concerts under the Tiffany dome at the Doheny Mansion.

The Pucker: When you lean in to whisper something about Debussy or the moon and stars, your faces will be inches apart. Go for it, maestro.

Look out Over the Entire City

Photograph courtesy Facebook/Yamashiro Hollywood

 The Plan: The Japanese restaurant Yamashiro Hollywood (translation: “Mountain Palace”) in the Hollywood Hills has easily the best view of the city. Make a dinner reservation and gaze out at all the twinkling lights.

The Pucker: There are walkways throughout the grounds and a 600-year-old Pagoda. Take a seat on one of the wooden benches scattered about, gaze, smooch.

Add One 360-Degree Ocean View Atop a Ferris Wheel


Photo courtesy Flickr/Rodney Houle

The Plan: Buy two tickets for the glowing Ferris wheel at the end of the Santa Monica Pier. The iconic 130-foot wheel in Pacific Park turns slowly (2.5 revolutions per minute) and stops often to pick up new riders.

The Pucker: You know you’re stopping when you’re at the top. Time for a shoulder squeeze and a lingering kiss while your bucket seat swings over the Pacific Ocean.

 Stroll a Picture-Perfect Garden


Photo courtesy Flickr/Gnawme

The Plan: The Garden of Flowing Fragrance at The Huntington has more perfect opportunities for a kiss than it has blooming plants. From hand-carved stone bridges to intricate pavilions, to the scent in the air, it doesn’t get more romantic than this Chinese garden. For now, stick to the South and East end of the gardens. Phase II finishes this spring—and it will be fabulous.

The Pucker: There are five stone bridges and seven pavilions. Perfect time to hold hands and plant a kiss while you stroll.

Snuggle in a Dimly Lit Restaurant


Photo courtesy Facebook/Casa Vega Restaurant

The Plan: Casa Vega Restaurant in Sherman Oaks is the most dimly lit restaurant in L.A. It is so famous for it’s lack of illumination, that many celebs even dine in the Mexican restaurant unobserved. Even in this light, you see where we’re going here.

The Pucker: Darkness plus an extensive drink menu equals putting your heads together to read the menu via flashlight. If there’s any spark at all, sneak a lip lock before the second margarita.