Humble CBD Offers Groundbreaking Wellness Products

Here are 10 ways to add Humble CBD into your active lifestyle

Humble CBD is an up-and-coming CBD brand that is based out of Thousand Oaks, California. Their carefully crafted five (5) CBD products serve as everyday wellness essentials for both body and mind; they are designed to help boost focus and help with relaxation and recovery. Humble is on a mission to help everyone with active routines – by providing dynamic solutions for dynamic lifestyles.

Most of us try to prioritize living an active lifestyle, and maintain some kind of fitness routine whether it involves walking each day or hitting the gym to push our bodies to the max.  Regardless of how you engage your body throughout the week, the wellness products at Humble CBD can be incorporated into your daily routine to maximize the more active hours of your day.  With a wide array of delivery methods, lab-tested hemp and only the finest ingredients, these products are perfect for daily use, potentially maximizing many aspects of your active regimen.

After you go through the different ways to add our CBD products to your active lifestyle,  check out our full selection of products, as there is something for every fitness warrior seeking out a daily serving of cannabidiol (CBD).

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#1: CBD Balm for Muscle Activation

Humble CBD Balm is perfect for activating the muscles, being rich in phytocannabinoids and natural plant derivatives that absorb into the muscular tissue within minutes while a blend of energizing eucalyptus and mint can increase circulation to maximize your strength potential.  This balm formula was specially formulated to glide on smoothly and offer a multitude of natural, holistic properties to targeted areas of the body, including major muscle groups that we engage throughout the week that can get fatigued if they aren’t properly supported.

#2: Recover with CBD Balm Post-Workout

Our CBD Balm is equally useful following a workout. We all know that once we push our bodies, it’s time to recover. But, so many of us live busy lives that it becomes hard to properly rest our muscles and joints so that our body’s innate self-repair mechanisms can fully activate. This balm formula may be able to enhance this crucial process by binding to cannabinoid receptors within the deep tissue that have a role in regulating these mechanisms.

#3: CBD Droppers Help Provide a Sense of Bliss

Most of us have been there – we want to work out but are just feeling so stressed that it is hard to find the motivation to engage in some exercise.  Our CBD Droppers can really come in handy, offering activation of a rich array of cannabinoids minus tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  Plus, there are terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients that work together synergistically to help provide our nervous system’s natural calming mechanisms.  This formula can help manage the signs of daily stress, invigorating the parts of the brain that impact how motivated and refreshed we feel, while allowing for a sensation of bliss throughout the body.

#4: CBD Twist to Compliment Your Morning Fitness Routine

CBD Twist is an innovative formula that consists of tablets meant to be ingested orally, which allows you to consume cannabinoids for higher bioavailability.  They activate the cannabinoid receptors in the body quickly and effectively, making them the perfect choice before you hit the gym.  With great flavor and 33mg per serving, you’ll fall in love with how easy it is to take Humble CBD Twist with you everywhere you go.  It’s a completely unique way to introduce hemp into your regimen and can fit right in your pocket for easy use. Just twist, squeeze, drop right under your tongue and enjoy.

#5: CBD Softgels for All-Over, Everyday Support

The endocannabinoid system is a complex system of the body that uses cannabinoids for regulatory actions that pertain to our overall functionality.  Therefore, incorporating CBD and other cannabinoids into our daily routine can generally help us maintain a sense of wellness that plays a big role in our workout routines.  Our CBD Softgels are a great way to maximize this support potential, being easy to take along with daily capsules, and offering a long-lasting delivery method that maintains effectiveness throughout the body for the majority of the day.

#6: CBD Chewable to Enhance Focus and Alertness

If you struggle to stay focused and alert during a workout, your ability to push yourself can be quite hindered.  Our CBD Chewable act as a particularly flavorful way to support the body’s ability to complete tasks by engaging our focus when we need it the most.  These Chewables work subtly in the body, while introducing terpenes that occur in the hemp plant that may offer a sense of enhanced wellbeing and alertness.

#7: CBD Droppers to Help Manage Your Sleep Cycle

One of the many ways in which our workout routine can be sabotaged is by poor sleep, which hurts our ability to feel energized and alert the next day.  Our CBD Droppers can be taken at bedtime to provide gentle but adequate amounts of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and nutrients into the system that offer a calming and balancing feeling to both the body and the mind.

#8: CBD Chewable for A Day in the Great Outdoors

Planning a hike or perhaps a camping trip?  If so, you might want to think about bringing along our CBD Chewable, which comes in both a 10-pack pouch that’s ideal for on-the-go use, or a 30-count suitable for a longer trip.  They work holistically and can enhance your overall ability to feel at one with nature, awakening an appreciation for the great outdoors coupled with the properties that pertain to how we feel and perform physically.

#9: CBD Twist as a Water Enhancer

If there is one thing we need to stay on top of when engaging in any form of fitness, it would have to be our hydration levels.  It’s easy to become dehydrated, especially if we try to push ourselves too hard.  Our CBD Twist formula dissolves in water, giving your hydration a boost in flavor and naturally derived hemp compounds.  Just plop one into your water bottle and you’re good to go.  CBD Twist can enhance the way you stay hydrated before, during and after your workout.

#10: CBD Softgels for Long-Term CBD Activation

CBD Softgels are a favorite among our customers for many reasons, but a specific one is that they offer up to several hours of CBD activation throughout the body.  If you’re going to be engaging in a particular long exercise routine, such as training for an upcoming athletic event, then these gel caps can be the perfect choice, as the properties of hemp stay in the body for a large portion of the day.