How Loreto Is Tempting Angelenos to Take a Much-Needed Vacation

This small city in Baja California Sur reminds visitors how much the great outdoors have to offer

If you and your quarantine pod are craving a change of scene after months at home, consider Loreto, a waterfront city in Baja California Sur. Easily accessible from LAX on a two-hour direct flight via Alaska Airlines, it’s the ideal destination for those who want to avoid crowds. Sparsely populated and largely undeveloped, Loreto is a place to relax and reconnect with the natural world.

To welcome visitors while prioritizing their safety, Loreto has launched a new campaign called One Week Takeover that invites families and small groups to rent out one of the local boutique hotels for a week. (Some of the hotels have as few as four guestrooms.) This way, guests can enjoy their privacy and they don’t have to worry about sharing the property amenities. All the takeover hotels are run by independent owners who take pride in personally overseeing each group’s experience like a dedicated concierge.   Between takeovers, the whole hotel will be sanitized. Additionally, all establishments including restaurants and tour operators in Loreto adhere to statewide safety and sanitation practices.

Alaska Airlines has also addressed hygiene and safety concerns by implementing touch-free processes throughout the travel experience. With the Alaska mobile app, you can check in for your flight, generate a mobile boarding pass, and more. Their new technology will soon allow agents to scan boarding passes from up to six feet away. Travelers will be able to print their bag tags without touching the check-in kiosk and purchase food and beverages on board using a stored payment preference. Settle in, get comfy, and you’ll be in Loreto before you know it.

Loreto is located on the Gulf of California, on the east coast of the Baja California Peninsula, and the tranquil, turquoise waters are home to what Jacques Cousteau called “the world’s aquarium.” For a closer look at the diverse local marine life, try snorkeling with sea lions, scuba diving, whale watching, kayaking, or sport fishing.

In the water or on land, you’ll find plenty of natural wonders to explore. Bahía de Loreto National Park is one of several protected marine ecosystems in the Gulf of California that were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. The national park includes five islands where you can wander walking trails, and appreciate the exceptional beauty of your surroundings.

Baja California Sur will provide you and your loved ones with a restful, refreshing escape—and you’ll love knowing that when your One Week Takeover comes to a close, you’re only a few hours from home.

Ready to get away for a while? Learn more about what Loreto has to offer.

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