Experience Joyful, Engaged Learning


At Echo Horizon, we prioritize the elementary school experience by creating a safe, inclusive community where children don’t have to grow up too quickly. With 180 students in grades Pre-K–6, our small community allows us to get to know one another beyond the surface. Echo’s diverse scholars come from 46 zip codes within Los Angeles County, and approximately 50 percent of our students identify as people of color.

As you walk through our school, you’ll see kindergarteners reading with their sixth-grade buddies; Pre-K students exploring how wind works in our Makerspace; second-graders writing their own books to prepare for their Publishing Party; fourth-graders exploring new concepts during Project Based Learning and much more. Our curriculum combines the best traditional practices with research-based and evidence-tested innovation. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we encourage young scholars to find “lightbulb” moments of understanding as they make connections among bodies of knowledge and experience. We focus on mastery over performance and motivate kids to stretch and take risks. Children thrive in our warm, supportive environment, one where they are free to explore, question, and imagine.

With a commitment to inclusion and diversity rooted in the Echo Center, fifteen percent of our students are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). They learn and play alongside their hearing peers using technology such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. This unique educational model benefits all students by helping them to develop empathy, an appreciation of difference, and a lived understanding of diverse experiences. We actively seek to understand the complex and rich identities of self and others, and to lean into difficult topics related to diversity and inclusion. This pursuit and belief prepares our students to be contributing members of an increasingly diverse and global world.

Above all, education at Echo Horizon is joyful: our students go out into the world with exuberance, with confidence, and with resilience. Echo’s graduates go on to the best middle and high schools in Los Angeles and our alumni are changemakers, scientists, athletes, and artists. At Echo Horizon, our purpose is to empower children with the empathy, intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, and courage they need to change the world for future generations.

Experience Echo Horizon’s joyful, engaged learning for yourself. Visit echohorizon.org/visit to schedule a tour!