Why Equinox’s New 30-Minute Workout Is a Total Game-Changer


The adrenaline kicks in from the second you step through the door at Equinox. Every stylish stranger exudes an infectious sense of excitement for the simple fact that they’ve made it. Despite their unpredictable schedules and absolutely predictable temptations (“to happy hour or not to happy hour…”) they’ve honored that glaring appointment on their calendars. They’ve committed to something.

They’re here, you’re here. And although you’re here for just a 30-minute workout, keep in mind that Equinox doesn’t just do anything. This 30-minute workout will change your life.

Firestarter is the luxury fitness mecca’s new high intensity cardio experience built for anyone looking to save time while still achieving that rewarding red face. Sure, the aforementioned adrenaline rush may get you through Firestarter’s first of three pyramid levels. But each challenging high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sequence — ranging from quick-switch lunges to grueling jump squats, all going down on a step bench — gets increasingly difficult as you exert more energy. This calorie-burning class is the epitome of quality over quantity; it squeezes out every last bit of your athletic ability, with moments to recover, to ensure that you’ve used your time wisely.

In between rapid movements to fast-paced beats, you can’t help but scan the room to notice that everyone is equally exhausted, regardless of gender. Acknowledging smiles and encouraging high-fives prove that suddenly they are no longer solitary strangers — this is a unified family. And just when you’re all ready to collectively beg for mercy, the instructor (ours was the eternally cool Mandee Miller) announces that class is over. You did it. You made the commitment, and your achy body proves it.

Endorphins pumping, you glide out of that studio feeling like you somehow cheated the system. “Did all of that really happen in just 30 minutes? What else can I do in just 30 minutes?” You’ll never look at time the same again.