Dirt Kitchen Snacks – A Snackably Delicious New Way To Enjoy Veggies!


If you’re one of the many looking for delicious, easy ways to get more veggies in your life – you’re going to be super pumped about a new snack we’ve discovered!

Dirt Kitchen Snacks is a new brand that air-dries real veggies like green beans, zucchini, peppers, carrots and tomatoes to be fantastically crunchy and then combines them with delicious blends of herbs and spices for a completely new type of veggie snack experience.

They come in two varieties – Air Dried Veggies + Nuts and Air Dried Veggie Crisps (made from rescued veggies that would have otherwise gone to waste!) – to give you more ways and reasons to snack on veggies.

Los Angeles is the FIRST city to be introduced to these snacks, so we sent samples to some of our readers and asked them to tell us how they “dig in” to these irresistibly snackable veggies!

The Beach Dweller: Caitlin says it’s the perfect beach snack whether it’s just hanging out in the sand or diving head-first into the Pacific. Her favorite is the Blushed Bell Pepper Veggie Crisps to satisfy her savory snack fix.

Mom’s Snack Stash: If you’re a busy parent driving kids around all day, you most likely have the car stocked with snacks for them – but what about you? Devon keeps a secret stash of Grape Tomato Veggie Crisps in her car and purse at all times, so she has her veggies ready whenever she needs a snacking moment. She loves how zesty they are! This busy mom also gets the Variety Pack to mix up her flavor choice!

The WFH Multi-tasker: Whether you’re 8 months into working from home or a WFH veteran, the struggle to balance eating while getting lost in your emails is real. That’s why Britt keeps Green Beans and Roasted Almonds at her desk for a quick, crunchy, wholesome snack that ensures she adds veggies and protein to her day while ticking off her to-dos. Now that’s multi-tasking!

The Workout Enthusiast: Getting your daily exercise these days most likely consists of yoga in the park, Zoom classes or hitting the amazing California hiking trails. Tracy says she is always looking for the perfect post-workout snack and has hit the jackpot with Zucchini Veggie Crisps, made with rescued zucchini, olive oil and a dash of sea salt & black pepper, so you can guiltlessly savor this delicious veggie snack without compromising your pace.

The Road Tripper: California roads always lead to adventure. Whether you’re going up the coast, through the hills or even on an amusement park tour, you need to eat, but stopping for fast food gets old. Brittany always has bags of Carrots + Zucchini + Roasted Peanuts to satisfy her savory snack fix. No prep needed, so she makes it out of the house on time everytime.

The Nature Lover: Kelcey loves all that LA delivers from nature. Bird watching, beautiful hikes, challenging climbs. She brings zesty Zucchini + Roasted Chickpeas + Pistachios wherever she goes. There are plenty of veggies in each bag, so there is always enough to share!

As you can tell, LA is loving Dirt Kitchen Snacks! Not only are they irresistibly crunchy and full of veggie flavor, they are also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, super portable and don’t have any nasty additives. We also love that the Air Dried Veggie Crisps use veggies that would have been thrown away, reducing food waste on farms and helping the planet.

Make vegging out a good thing! Dirt Kitchen Snacks are available online and can be found at your favorite snack stops across Los Angeles. Keep up with Dirt Kitchen Snacks on Instagram at @dirtkitchensnacks and join in on the conversation by using #DigInWithDKS.