Come Get Salty in Morro Bay


Morro Bay is an authentic California fishing village that serves up seaside adventures for everyone. From fresh seafood to world-class whale watching, to walking along the beach at sunset and exploring charming local shops, Morro Bay has it all. Come Get Salty and discover what makes Morro Bay such an extraordinary place.

Discover Local Treasures

Explore any of Morro Bay’s three distinct shopping districts— Downtown, the Embarcadero, and North Morro Bay— and you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll treasure for a long time to come. Whether you’re on the hunt for a special gift or maybe a treat for yourself, Morro Bay’s selection of local shops carries a wide variety of unique, carefully-curated wares that are sure to delight and enchant. Check out a few of our favorites on the list of 8 Must-Visit Local Shops and Restaurants in Morro Bay!

Dive into Fresh Flavors

One thing is for sure: you’ve never tasted ocean-to-table cuisine quite like this. Chow down on fish caught fresh from the bay, or oysters that come directly from Morro Bay’s two sustainable oyster farms. If you’re in the mood for something else, we have that too! From family-friendly fare to elegant seaside dining, Morro Bay is sure to have whatever you’re craving. Wash down your meal with a chilled glass of beer from Firestone Walker, Libertine, or Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing Companies. Stop for a glass of wine in Paso Robles or Edna Valley at one of the many wineries to choose from.

Explore the Wild Side

Birds gliding lazily through untouched marshland; sea otters splashing their way across the shore; tidal pool creatures forming swirling kaleidoscopes of color within their small rocky homes; these are just a few of the majestic sights you may be able to catch during your time in this coastal getaway. From the depths of the bay to the tops of the towering Monterey pines, you’ll find a staggering number of species who call this place home. Looking to plan your wildlife expedition in Morro Bay? Explore its impressive variety of wildlife in our Guide to Discovering California’s Magical Wildlife.

Find Your Adventure

While you’re Getting Salty, you’ll soon realize that adventure lies around every corner of Morro Bay. From tranquil kayak rides across the bay to scenic hikes around the area’s stunning peaks and valleys, there’s no shortage of outdoor experiences to be had here. Other popular outdoor experiences include fishing, birding, biking, and so much more! You’ll find plenty of ways to explore the bay by land or sea.

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